How much does vinyl pressing cost UK?

How much does vinyl pressing cost UK?

Vinyl Pressing Prices

Volume Price (ex VAT) Price (inc VAT)
250 £845.00 £1,014.00
300 £960.00 £1,152.00
500 £1,170.00 £1,404.00
1000 £1,860.00 £2,232.00

Can you put an EP on vinyl?

“With Vinylify we were able to put our friends EP onto a vinyl for her 18th birthday. The website was easy to use and allowed us to have easy control over the design process. The end result was of a quality sounding record. Great gift that I would recommend to anyone!”

How much does it cost to get a vinyl pressed?

How Much Does the Record Pressing Process Cost?

Cost element Average cost Example cost for a pressing of 100 records
Pressing set-up fee $190 $190
Test pressing (5) $65 $65
140g black vinyl record (per unit) $1.55 $155
Total demonstrative cost for pressing run of 100 records: $1225

Can you get custom vinyls pressed?

Custom vinyl records and short run vinyl pressing. No minimum quantities – we press 1 to 2000 custom vinyl records.

How much does it cost to press 1000 records?

Vinyl Pricing

Standard Black Vinyl Pressing Pricing
1000 $1360 $2465
Colored Vinyl (per 100) add $65 per 100 add$85 per 100
Extra Tests (each) $2.00 $2.50
Random Color (Limited Availability) Same as Black Same as Black

How much does it cost to press 300 records?

Lacquer Master Rates usually depend on the length of the record per side. This can range from $150 – $230 per side ($300 – $460 per record) with the average being around $200 per side ($400 per record).

What’s the difference between LP and EP?

It referred to a type of vinyl record that was played at a different speed than the standard play records (SPs and LPs). The difference between EP and LP is that an LP is ‘Long Playing’ and generally has more than 8 tracks. Whereas, as above an EP has 4-6 tracks.

What’s the difference between EP LP and album?

LP in music means Long Play and is a full length album. EP in music means Extended Play and is a half length album. EP is extended in the sense that it’s longer than a single.

How much does it cost to put songs on vinyl?

How Much Does Vinyl Cost? Rates usually depend on the length of the record per side. This can range from $150 – $230 per side ($300 – $460 per record) with the average being around $200 per side ($400 per record).

How many songs can you fit on a 7 vinyl?

The three most common vinyl records are: 45s or the 7-inch 45 RPM vinyl record. With about four and a half minutes on each side, you can expect about two songs to fit on a 7-inch vinyl cut at 45 RPM. 45s are considered singles because a single track fits without compromising the sound quality.

Can you 3D print a playable record?

While vinyl records are making a comeback, manufacturing them has always been outside the capabilities of hobbyists. Makers and audiophiles alike are wondering if 3D printing is the answer. The good news is, 3D printing technology can and has been used to print records!

Can I make vinyl records at home?

Meaning, yes, you can finally make your own vinyl records at home. With the Phonocut Home Vinyl Recorder, an ingenious device that allows you to record anything you want straight to vinyl, now shipping through Kickstarter. It’s a simple tabletop machine that looks like a record player.

How long does it take to get vinyl pressings ready?

Test-pressings ready within 7 to 10 days, and on approval, main pressings ready in another 7 to 10 days. Upgrade to heavyweight (180 gram) vinyl or have a colour pressing. Heavyweight and colour pressing can also be combined. View available vinyl colours. All prices include white inner paper sleeves.

Why choose our UK based record pressing service?

Our UK based record pressing service is fast, efficient and cost effective, and the quality of our virgin vinyl is as good as anything available. Please take a minute to check out our vinyl prices and reviews and see how competitive our rates are.

Who is PressPress-on vinyl?

Press-On Vinyl in Middlesbrough aims to produce 50,000 records a month and will focus on helping North East artists. But the company has also pledged to share its capacity throughout the independent music industry. The company’s three directors are keen to build on the North East’s history of manufacturing records.

Does media plant do vinyl pressing?

Media Plant does, in fact, offer a Vinyl Pressing service. As Vinyl records have had a massive resurgence in the last few years, more and more bands / solo artists are looking at something different for their listeners. Media Plant can help get your sound on to a Vinyl record along with full colour printed sleeve.

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