How much does a four post lift Cost?

How much does a four post lift Cost?

Standard installation should be around or under $500 for a two-post car lifting solution and under $1,000 for a four-post auto lift. As previously noted, in-ground car lifts and installations are by far the most expensive auto lifting option available, sometimes costing as much as $10,000.

Do 4 post lifts need to be bolted down?

Unlike 2-post lifts, which absolutely need to be bolted down, 4-post lifts disperse weight across a wider surface area and are engineered to lift vehicles with or without drop-in anchor bolts .

How thick should a concrete slab be for a car lift?

4 inches
Some of manufacturers standards for a 2-Post and 4-Post Lifts require a minimum 4 inches of reinforced concrete slab to be safely installed.

Can you store a car on a 4 post lift?

4 post lifts are also considered a safer option for heavier vehicles and for long-term storage.

What is the smallest 4 post car lift?

4 Post Car Lift Space Requirements These lifts take up more room than a 2 post lift, but the Pro-Park models are designed and built with home garage enthusiasts in mind. Our smallest 4 post lift is 8’7″ wide meaning it will fit most garages, just over 17′ long, and has a column height of almost 7′.

How high should a garage ceiling be for a car lift?

If you want to install a typical 2-post or 4-post lift in your garage, you need a ceiling that’s higher than 11 feet. While you can get a 2- or 4-post lift that works with a lower ceiling, almost all these lifts are not ANSI certified.

Can you put a 4 post lift outside?

Technically, the correct answer is, “You can put it outside (as in, who’s stopping you?), but should you?” Lifts are designed for indoor use, installed in a temperature-controlled environment.

How tall does my garage need to be for a lift?

12 foot
The height you need for each lift will differ. A general rule of thumb is to try for a minimum of 12 foot ceilings in your garage so that you have enough space for the car, the lift, and yourself. Don’t forget to leave enough space around the lift for you to work as well—at least two feet on every side.

How tall should a garage be for a lift?

How high should a ceiling be for a 4-post lift?

How tall does my ceiling need to be for a car lift?

As a guideline, count six feet for space underneath, five to six feet for vehicle height and one foot of clearance. That means you need a minimum of 12 feet of ceiling height to comfortably install and work with your auto lift.

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