How much does a CRF150R expert cost?

How much does a CRF150R expert cost?

2021 Honda CRF150R Expert • $5,399.

What is the difference between Honda CRF150R and CRF150R expert?

In addition to the CRF150R, which has a 17-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear wheel, Honda also offers the CRF150R Expert, which has a 19-inch front wheel, 16-inch rear wheel, a taller seat height, and a longer wheelbase–offering an ideal steppingstone to full-size motocrossers.

How much is a 2014 CRF150R?

As far as prices are concerned, the 2014 Honda CRF150R can be yours for no less than $ 4,990….Specifications.

Engine Type Liquid-cooled single-cylinder single cylinder four stroke
Trail 78mm (3.1 inches)
Wheelbase 49.6 inches
Seat Height 32.8 inches
Ground Clearance 11.9 inches

How much horsepower does a CRF150R expert have?

2021 Honda CRF150R Specifications

Engine 149cc liquid-cooled single cylinder four stroke
Power 23.47 horsepower
Bore x Stroke 66mm x 43.7mm
Compression Ratio 11.7:1

How fast does a CRF 150 go?

How fast does the CRF150F go? The CRF150F does 90-95 KPH (55-59 MPH) wide open, riding on the rev limiter. It can cruise without the revs sky high at 70-75 KPH (44-47 MPH).

Is a CRF150R good for trail riding?

The crf150R has a very linear power curve unlike its 2-stroke brothers. Plus you don’t have to worry about carrying 10 spark plugs with you. I would highly recommend it. I did a lot of trail riding with mine and loved it.

Is CRF150RB a good bike?

I love my CRF150RB…it’s a great size for me, and it’s just as fast as the big bikes. My boyfriend and I both ride this bike and all our friends with full-sized bikes are always surpised that we can keep up with them. It’s great in trails and on the track.

How much is a crf150r worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,099 $4,535
Total Price $5,099 $4,535

How much does a Honda crf150r weight?

187 pounds
Curb Weight 187 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel–ready to ride.)

Are CRF150R reliable?

Yes, the CRF150R is not as reliable as its CRF150F cousin, but that’s because it’s a race bike that requires you to ride it harder. The more RPM, the quicker the engine will wear out; it’s simple science.

Is the 150r good on trails?

However, it’s not a very good trail bike in stock form on single track trails. It stalls easily, has rather harsh suspension, and is just a little too snappy. With that said, if you could tone it down, make it a little plusher and easier to ride, then the CRF150R could be a good trail bike for adults or teens.

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