How much does a 644 Lull weigh?

How much does a 644 Lull weigh?

24, 467 lbs
5t diesel engine and has an operating weight of 24, 467 lbs.

What is the lift capacity of a lull?

How much weight can a lull lift? The amount of weight that a lull can lift is determined by the reach and load weight of the material that is being moved. Its lift capacities range from 5,000 – 15,000+ lbs all depending on these two factors.

What is the weight of a lull forklift?

Key Specs

Lift Capacity 10,000 lb
Lift Height 54 ft
Max Speed 22 mph
Outside Turning Radius 14 ft 2 in
Operating Weight 20,890 lb

Who makes Lull telehandler?

Lull Forklifts for Sale Lull telehandlers are now part of the JLG family of top-quality telehandling equipment that has been helping workers get more done in less time for more than four decades.

How wide are the forks on a lull?

Lull Telehandler Forks

Make/Model Choose an option Lull 1044B Lull 644 Lull 644E Lull 844C Lull 944E/JLG
Length Choose an option 48 inches 60 inches 72 inches 96 inches
Fork Capacity Choose an option 10000 lbs 12500 lbs 8000 lbs
Shaft Size Choose an option 1.75 inches 1.875 inches 2 inches 2.25 inches Clear

How much does a 9k lull weigh?

Call 717-684-5050 for availability and pricing….Key Specs.

Lift Capacity 9000 lb
Max Speed 20 mph
Outside Turning Radius 12 ft 3 in
Operating Weight 27,265 lb

Is lull still in business?

In production since 1959, Lull machines were early telehandler pioneers. As it continues to rationalize its brand lineup, JLG Industries says its Lull telehanders will, in 2015, no longer have a place in the company portfolio.

Why is it called a lull?

early 14c., lullen “to calm or hush to sleep,” probably imitative of lu-lu sound used to lull a child to sleep (compare Swedish lulla “to hum a lullaby,” German lullen “to rock,” Sanskrit lolati “moves to and fro,” Middle Dutch lollen “to mutter”).

How thick are telehandler forks?

ITA Class 2 Hook Mount Forks

Item # Fork Blade Thickness (in) Fork Blade Length (in)
046 1.75 60
047 1.75 60
048 1.75 72
049 1.75 72

How wide are telehandler forks?

Telehandler Pallet Forks. 60″ Wide Heavy Duty Telehandler Fork & Frame. Comes standard with 2 x 4 x 48 inch tines with a 8000 lbs capacity at a 24″ load center. Made in the USA.

How wide are forks on a lull?

2.25 x 4 x 48 Telehandler Forks for SKYTRAK, LULL, JLG, & CAT.

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