How much does a 1 digit number plate cost in Dubai?

How much does a 1 digit number plate cost in Dubai?

It comes as little surprise then that the highest priced item at a recent auction in Sharjah was the plate No 1. After some fierce bidding, the hammer fell at a whopping AED18 million. According to Gulf News, the winner of the lucky number is Arif Ahmad Al Zarouni, an Emirati businessman.

How do I select a number plate in Dubai?

The process can be done in four simple steps

  1. Click on vehicle licensing services and choose private licensing.
  2. Go to special plate enquiry.
  3. Search for your desired number.
  4. If the plate number is available you can purchase it from here.

How much do number plates cost in Dubai?

Normally, the fee for a change of number plate is AED 120, however, it varies according to the size of number plate you require. For shorter plates, the fee is AED 25, while for long plates it is AED 35. If you want a rear plate sticker along with the number plate, then you have to pay an additional fee of AED 10.

How much does a 3 digit number plate cost in Dubai?

The price of a three-digit plate has now been reduced to Dhs179,999, including VAT, and will be valid until stocks last, a statement said. Among the three-digit plates on offer are T 738, J 945 and P 682 and “several other fancy plates”, said Jamal Assada, director of RTA’s Vehicle Licensing, Licensing Agency.

Why do Dubai plates cost so much?

There is also social and psychological capital tied to these expensive number plates, as they are an indicator of wealth and status. An Emirati psychologist told Khaleej Times that the elevation of one’s status, has a lot to do with social pressure.

How much is special plate number?

Any triple alpha and non-triple alpha + numeric character 100, shall cost Fifteen Thousand Pesos (Php15,000.00) inclusive of the handling charge by the authorized LTO courier. 3. How long can we secure the vanity plate? Assuming that all documentations are in order, a seven (7) working days within Metro Manila.

How much does a 2 digit number plate cost in Dubai?

Dubai’s 2-digit number plate sold for Dh2.

Who has the number 1 plate in Dubai?

There are some things even money can’t buy, like the number 1 number plate, which belongs to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, and is off-limits.

How much is a 4 digit number plate worth in Dubai?

A four-digit number plate – H 1030 – will be available in the auction for a reserved bargain price of Dh3,000, as will be a couple of distinctive 5-digit number plates – I 11222 and F 77788.

Who owns number plate 2 in Dubai?

businessman Ahmed Al Mazroui
Emirati businessman Ahmed Al Mazroui won the bid to own the exclusive Abu Dhabi number 2 plate, for a whopping Dh10 million. “I am very excited and proud to get number 2,” he told reporters after the auction of distinguished number plates, on Saturday evening at Emirates Palace.

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