How many types of gaskets are there?

How many types of gaskets are there?

There are three types of gaskets used in process piping….Types of Gaskets.

Non-Metallic Metallic – Ring Gasket Composite
Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre Gasket (CNAF) Oval Ring Gasket Spiral Wound Gaskets
PTFE Gasket Octagonal Ring Gasket Camprofile Gaskets
Rubber Gasket Metal Jacketed Gasket

What is m and y values for gaskets?

m represents the maintenance factor and the y represents the seating stress. y is the minimum compressive stress on the contact area of the gasket necessary to provide a seal at an internal pressure of 2 psig and applied to compress the voids of the gasket to conform to the flange surface.

What are gasket types?

Here are the 8 types of gaskets you will see the most often:

  1. Envelope Gasket (Double Jacketed Gaskets)
  2. Flat Metal Gaskets.
  3. Non-Asbestos Sheet Material Gaskets.
  4. Ring Type Joint.
  5. Kammprofile Gasket.
  6. Spiral Wound Gaskets WITH an Inner Ring.
  7. Spiral Wound Gaskets WITHOUT an Inner Ring.
  8. Corrugated Metal Gaskets.

Why choose non asbestos gasket sheet AF 154?

Our range of Non Asbestos Gasket Sheet AF 154 is procured from well-known market sources, who make use of latest techniques to fabricate these products. These products are recognized as a superior performance compressed jointing sheets.

What are non-asbestos fibre gaskets?

Non-Asbestos Fibre materials are so-called because they fill the gap in the range of gasket materials previously occupied by asbestos. Asbestos, although considered to be a dangerous material, had excellent heat resistance properties, which is why it was utilised so widely in high temperature applications.

Are asbestos cut gaskets still used?

Asbestos Cut Gaskets is still used in most of the rest of the world and is a very effective low cost material. It is usually desirable that the gaskets be made from a material that is compressible such that it tightly fills the space it is designed for, including any slight irregularities.

What grades of Novus gaskets can be used?

Many grades can be used up to 100 Bar and 450ºC. We manufacture novus gaskets from materials such as: N30, N34, N49 (graftec) and N10 (acid). Novus generally exhibits good resistance to acids, most oils and most fuels.

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