How many S10 EV were made?

How many S10 EV were made?

Like its EV1 cousin, the S10 EV was produced in tiny numbers – just 492 over two model years.

What is the rarest Chevy S10?

Among all the Chevy trucks produced so far, the S10 EV is the rarest of all. The electric S10 was powered by the EV1’s detuned drivetrains which churned 114 horsepower. It is believed that when the EV1 was launched, Chevy engineers got inspired by its modular powertrain.

Does Chevy still make s-10?

In North America, the S-series was replaced by the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, and Isuzu i-Series in 2004. The S-Series ended production in Brazil in 2012, being replaced by the Chevrolet Colorado, but still with the name S-10….Chevrolet S-10.

Chevrolet S-10 GMC S-15/Sonoma
Manufacturer General Motors

What year did they stop making s10s?

Chevrolet discontinued the S10 pickup truck in 2004. This was 22 years after its first launch in 1982. It was replaced largely for the same reason that a lot of modern vehicles are: fluctuating trends of the ever-changing automotive industry and changing consumer demands.

What is a Chevy SS?

Super Sport, or SS, is the signature performance option package offered by Chevrolet on a limited number of its vehicles. All SS models come with distinctive “SS” markings on their exterior.

What years did Chevy make the S10 pickup?

History of the Chevy S10 Pickup Truck There were two generations of the S10 produced for the North American market. The first-generation was in production between 1982 and 1993, while the second-generation was produced between 1994 and the last year of North American production in 2004.

How many Chevy S10 models are there?

Currently, the Chevrolet S10 spans a total of three generations.

What does the S stand for in S10 truck?

S10 (Nissan Silvia), second generation of the car. Stemme S10, a self-launching sailplane. Rans S-10 Sakota, aerobatic aircraft.

Did they make a SS S10?

As a high-performance version of the S10, the SS only came in three colors on introduction: Summit White, Apple Red or Onyx Black. Chevy discontinued the SS after 1998, culminating a five-year run.

What is the Chevy S-10 Electric?

It was an OEM BEV variant of Chevrolet ‘s S-10 pickup truck. The S-10 Electric was solely powered by electricity, and was marketed primarily to utility fleet customers. General Motors started with a regular-cab, short-box (6-foot (180 cm) bed) S-10 pickup, with a base-level trim package plus a half- tonneau cover.

What is the difference between the S-10EV and the EV1?

The EV1 had a 100 kW motor; GM reduced the S-10EV’s motor because of the additional weight and drag of the truck so as not to overstress the batteries.

What is the range of an electric S-10?

This battery option was more expensive, but it gave the electric S-10 a range between 72 and 95 miles, which is actually pretty respectable for today, as it’s on par with many modern electric vehicles. Of course, mileage varied based on load and driving styles.

How many S-10 Electric Vehicles have been sold?

However, unlike the EV-1, Chevy actually sold around 60 electric-powered S-10s to fleet customers. This means that there are still S-10 electric vehicles out there, and some reportedly remain in use today. Find a Chevrolet S-10 for sale

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