How many Poles are in an 11 pin relay?

How many Poles are in an 11 pin relay?

3 poles
Plug-In Relay – 11 pin plug-in – 3 poles – 24VAC coil.

What are the pins on a relay?

A normally closed relay will switch power OFF for a circuit when the coil is activated. 5 pin relays provide 2 pins (85 & 86) to control the coil and 3 pins (30, 87 & 87A) which switch power between two circuits. They have both normally open and normally closed connection pins.

What is a relay plug?

Products in this family are interconnect devices used to establish an intermediate, semi-permanent connection between the wiring in a system and a switching device such as an electromechanical relay that is likely to require service or replacement during the service life of the system.

What do the numbers on a 12V relay mean?

Numbers of a Relay Looking at the diagram, we see the pinout of a typical 12V relay. Note that each pin is numbered. 85 and 86 are the coil pins while 30, 87, and 87a are the switch pins. 87 and 87a are the two contacts to which 30 will connect. If the coil is not activated, 30 will always be connected to 87a.

Why would you use a socket with a relay?

Relay sockets accept electromechanical switches in which the variation of current in one electric circuit controls the flow of electricity in another circuit. They attach to posts, studs or other conductors in order to establish an electrical connection.

What is relay drop out voltage?

Drop out voltage (also defined as release, or must release voltage): As the voltage on an energized Relay is decreased, this is the value at or above which all contacts must return to their de-energized position.

How does a cube relay work?

An electromechanical relay is an electrical switch actuated by an electromagnet coil. As switching devices, they exhibit simple “on” and “off” behavior with no intermediate states. A coil of wire wrapped around a laminated iron core provides the magnetic field necessary to actuate the switch mechanism.

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