How many people fit in an FJ40?

How many people fit in an FJ40?

All FJ40 Land Cruisers are two door four-wheel drive trucks with removable hard top, doors and fold down windshield frame allowing for “open-air” driving….Features.

Model FJ40
Seating Capacity Four
Drivetrain Front Engine, 4×4
Engine Inline 6 cyl. 3.9 Liter F (1960-74), 4.2 Liter (1975-83)
Fuel System Carbureted

What is an FJ40 worth?

Since 2016, a Land Cruiser FJ40 in #2 (Excellent) condition has fallen an average of 7.6 percent to $47,375. For comparison, the average value of a 1968 FJ40 in #2 (Good) condition is $49,100, while a 1975 model in similar condition has an average value of $44,800.

Which FJ40 is best?

For those who want to feel the wind through their hair all the time, the 1981 Toyota FJ40 is the best option. This Rustic Green rig has a removable soft top and zero glass past the front doors, allowing you to really feel a part of nature.

Is the FJ40 reliable?

Rugged and reliable, they could be driven—and repaired—in the most remote places on Earth. Toyota sold them in great numbers worldwide since introducing the original in 1951. By volume, the FJ40 series—produced from 1960 to 1984 with few changes—was the most popular.

What does FJ40 stand for?

Anyway… example: “FJ40” F – Toyota F engine family (L-6, cast iron big block, OHV) J – Platform designation for the Land Cruiser SUV. 40 – Generation of the “J” platform above (1960 – 1984)

How fast can an FJ40 go?

Comfortable at 55-60 mph.

What should I look for in a FJ40?

look for rust in the floors, tailgate/ rear ambo doors (especially the bottom) frame, (crossmembers) and the bottom sills of the doors. the floors in the post 79 body style goes faster in my experience. engine, make sure it runs, doesn’t smoke etc. fairly strong engine.

Can you daily drive an FJ40?

They are terrible daily drivers, unless you like loud, bouncy, hot, fuel hungry, poor handling cars.

When did FJ40 get disc brakes?

1976 saw the US model of the FJ40 receive front disc brakes to help it lose momentum rather more quickly than its old fashioned drum brake siblings. American FJ40’s also were offered with air conditioning and power steering in 1979.

What is a BJ Land Cruiser?

The first prototype, dubbed the Toyota Jeep (later called the BJ for B-engine Jeep), was developed in early 1951 using the chassis of the SB-Series 1-ton truck. It added a second driven axle utilising a part-time single-speed transfer case.

What is the best seat for a BJ40?

CCOT has taken the Bestop TrailMax™ II Fold & Tumble Rear Bench Seat and designed a custom FJ40 / BJ40 seat mounting and seat belt system that will safely transport rear passengers in comfort and style. The Fold & Tumble seat design allow you to tumble the seat forward to maximize rear cargo space when seat is not in use.

What kind of headrests do I need for my FJ40?

The prop stick has an adjustable threaded bumper foot that screws in or out to adjust proper tension to hold the seat securely upright. TrailMax™ Rear Bench Seat has dual headrests that will also fit the front bucket seats of most FJ40 factory seats. Atlas Frame is sturdy and resists corrosion.

What is the best jump seat strap for a FJ40?

Universal jump seat strap fits all FJ40 from 1958 to 1984. The strap perfectly fits 5/78-10/84 jump seats. Earlier models require a shorter strap so, simply shorten strap and use a flat external lock washer (supplied) for new strap eye and attach to seat back with screw. Strap Color ~ “Sage Green” – Sold Individually… Loading zoom..

What are the best upholstery covers for FJ40?

both Rear Jump Seat Covers (seat backs & bottoms). Free “Hog Rings” . Covers made by “Oscar” ~ Oscar is the greatest upholstery man CCOT has ever seen and these are “The Best” covers made for FJ40s ~ See details above.

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