How many members are in the Harley Owners Group?

How many members are in the Harley Owners Group?

HOG members typically spend 30% more than other Harley owners, on such items as clothing and Harley-Davidson-sponsored events….Harley Owners Group.

Abbreviation HOG
Formation 1983
Type Company-sponsored club
Membership 1,000,000+
Affiliations Harley-Davidson

What does it mean to be a HOG member?

ASSOCIATE MEMBER. Associate H.O.G. memberships are designed for family and friends of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owner. It offers select benefits and is available to anyone with a full member as a sponsor. A full member may sponsor as many associate members as he or she likes.

What are the benefits of being a HOG member?

H.O.G.® Membership Benefits Associate Member | $29 Per Year Full Member | $49 Per Year
H.O.G.® Members Service Center
H.O.G.® RIDE 365 challenges
H.O.G.® Patch/Pin
Harley-Davidson Museum® Free Admission

Does Kawasaki own Harley-Davidson?

So, does Kawasaki own Harley-Davidson? Gresham enthusiasts of the motorcycle brand will be glad to know that Kawasaki never bought Harley-Davidson, and it continues to be an independent company.

What does Harley-Davidson H.O.G. stand for?

Harley Owners Group
H.O.G. ® Harley Owners Group. Where Harley-Davidson Owners around the world, bound to the passion to ride, gather to celebrate. H.O.G.

How do you become a H.O.G. chapter member?

All H.O.G. ® members are eligible to join any affiliated local Chapter by completing the Chapter Membership Enrollment Form and Release. Applicants are responsible for providing proof of their National membership.

Why are Harley-Davidson so loud?

Why are Harleys so loud? Many Harleys are loud because the owners want them that way. New Harleys from the factory don’t exceed the 80db limit stipulated in the U.S. EPA Code. It is Harley owners who make several aftermarket modifications on their bikes to turn up the volume.

Why is Harley called a HOG?

The name “hog” is synonymous with Harley-Davidson bikes, and though you might expect it to have something to do with their imposing, hulking size (or sound), in reality, the nickname was adopted because Harley racing team member Ray Weishaar owned a piglet, which became the team’s mascot.

Who owns Stinger Harley-Davidson?

Opened in 2001 as Century Harley-Davidson and purchased by JS Motorsports in 2014, Stinger Harley-Davidson has been fulfilling dreams and creating memories in the Medina, Ohio community for several years.

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