How many kannadigas are there in Maharashtra?

How many kannadigas are there in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, the number of Kannadigas dipped from 12.5 lakh in 2001 to 10 lakh in 2011, while the same in undivided Andhra decreased from 5.5 lakh to 5.3 lakh. In Goa, it dipped from 74,615 to 67,923.

Is Kannada spoken in Maharashtra?

This is a list of States and Union Territories of India by speakers of Kannada as of census 2001….States of India by Kannada speakers.

Rank State/Union Territory Kannada speakers
1 Karnataka 43,315,781
2 Tamil Nadu 2,596,534
3 Maharashtra 1,556,467
4 Andhra pradesh 746,788

Does Solapur belong to Karnataka?

Solapur is located on major highway, rail routes between Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad, with a branch line to the cities of Kalaburagi and Vijayapura in the neighbouring state of Karnataka….

Elevation 457 m (1,499 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 951,118
• Density 9,600/km2 (25,000/sq mi)

In which city is Kannada spoken?

Kannada language, also called Kanarese or Kannana, member of the Dravidian language family and the official language of the state of Karnataka in southern India. Kannada is also spoken in the states that border Karnataka.

Do people speak Kannada in Kolhapur?

However, all these villages that have a majority Kannada- speaking population are part of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government has denied residents of Kadalge, Aralgundi and surrounding villages from Gadhinglaj taluk in Kolhapur district of their basic right to get education in Kannada language.

Is Maharashtrian a caste?

The term “Maratha” is generally used by historians to refer to all Marathi-speaking peoples, irrespective of their caste. At present, however, it also refers to a Maharashtrian caste known as the Maratha….Population in India by state.

State Marathi speakers(2011) Percentage-2011
Bihar 1,975
Uttar Pradesh 24,280 0.01%

How many Kannadigas are there In India?

An alternate English demonym for Kannadigas in modern works of history is “Kanarese”. Modern Kannada stands among 30 of the most widely spoken languages of the world as of 2001….Kannada people.

Total population
India 44 million

Is Kannada spoken in Solapur?

The Solapur Municipal Corporation (SMC) is controlled by the Telugu-speaking population, which is concentrated in eastern Solapur. The central part of the city is mainly Marathi-Kannada speaking.

Is Kannada spoken in Bangalore?

Of course, Bengaluru’s diversity notwithstanding, the city’s primary spoken language, lingua franca, and chief administrative language is Kannada, the state language of Karnataka, listed in the 2011 Census as the mother tongue of 44.62% of the city’s population.

Is Kannada easy to learn?

Kannada is a very simple yet rich language. If you have real interest in the language, it is possible to speak reasonable Kannada within one month, with a very little effort. The first step is to get familiarised with the structure of the language.

Why is it called Kasaragod?

The name Kasaragod resembles ‘a group of trees of Kanjira’.

How many Kannadigas are there in India?

In Maharashtra, the number of Kannadigas dipped from 12.5 lakh in 2001 to 10 lakh in 2011, while the same in undivided Andhra decreased from 5.5 lakh to 5.3 lakh. In Goa, it dipped from 74,615 to 67,923. Comparatively, the northeastern states collectively saw an increase from 4,255 to 5,605 while in J&K, up from 4,418 to 6,953.

Who is liable for the security of Kannadigas in Karnataka?

In response to the Belagavi vandalism, CM Basvaraj Bommai held MVA liable for the security of Kannadigas in their state. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday said that the security of Kannadigas who are settled in Maharashtra is the MVA government’s responsibility.

What will the cm say about Kannadigas vandalism incidents in Maharashtra?

Referring to vandalism incidents and of stone-pelting buses and private vehicles, the Chief Minister said, “Our Director General of Police will speak to his counterpart in Maharashtra about the security of Kannadigas there and the attack on buses and private vehicles from Karnataka. Our Home Minister will take up the issue with his Maharashtra c…

Why did Jammu and Kashmir’s Kannadigas improve their count by 57%?

Kannadigas in Jammu and Kashmir improved their count by 57% – largely due to the presence of Kannadaspeaking soldiers. “It is possible that there were a greater number of soldiers from Karnataka posted during the census in the state,” renowned linguistics expert GN Devy said.

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