How long is APM ACCA?

How long is APM ACCA?

3 hours and 20 minutes
The total exam time is therefore 3 hours and 20 minutes. Prior to the start of the exam candidates are given an extra 10 minutes to read the exam instructions. For paper-based exams 15 minutes are added to the three hours to reflect the manual effort required as compared to computer-based exams.

What is P5 ACCA?

Paper P5, Advanced Performance Management, is one of four papers in the Options module at the Professional level of the new ACCA Qualification.

Is Advanced Performance Management hard?

Common consensus is that Advanced Performance Management (P5) is one of the toughest nuts to crack in the Professional Level option papers. It has had some of the lowest pass rates between Dec14 – Sep17. It may seem daunting to select this paper. But the winning formula is not as elusive as you may think.

What is ACCA APM?

You’ll apply relevant knowledge, skills and exercise professional judgement in selecting and applying strategic management accounting techniques in different business contexts and to contribute to the evaluation of the performance of an organisation and its strategic development.

Do ACCA exams expire?

After your 10 year time limit is reached, you will lose any Strategic Professionals results that are seven years old, or older, and you will need to take these exams again. Check your myACCA account to find out when your Strategic Professional results will expire.

Is ACCA P5 difficult?

iii) the exam is difficult. Unlike P4 where it is very obvious what the examiner wants you do it, with P5 it is very difficult to know EXACTLY what the examiner wants. It is very open to interpretation.

How do I pass APM?

APM requirements will involve verbs such as ‘analyse, evaluate, assess’ – these are all requirements that need explanation and justification of your opinions. Practice using the word ‘because’ in your answers, to remind yourself to justify your response and link back to the scenario.

Why do students fail APM?

Students usually fail an exam because they do not have the necessary knowledge OR they have poor exam technique OR a combination of both – the first step to success in studying for your retake is to understand the reason you failed.

How long is APM exam?

3 hours
The examination duration is 3 hours including reading time. Candidates will be given up to an additional 5 minutes at the end of the examination to collate their papers. 3. The examination will contain 16 questions and candidates are required to answer 10 questions.

What is the salary of ACCA?

Starting salary for an ACCA affiliate in India can be in the range of 4 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs per annum. Once you become an ACCA member the salary increases over 7 Lakhs annually.

Is ACCA a degree?

ACCA is a Professional Qualification or Professional Degree that is recognised by several countries across the globe. It is offered by an internationally recognised body that has many decades of repute to its credit. ACCA Certificates are offered in proper convocation ceremonies conducted across the globe.

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