How long does it take to walk up Koko Head?

How long does it take to walk up Koko Head?

How Long Does it Take to Hike Koko Head? Depending on your speed, the Koko Head trail can take anywhere from 15 minutes running, to a slower climb of 90 minutes to hike to the top. Be sure to give yourself time to rest and rehydrate at the top before beginning your descent.

How many step is it to Koko Head?

With 1,048 steps to the top, the trail follows the steep hill that rises 1,200 feet above Kawaii Kai and overlooks Hanauma Bay. The trail is estimated at one and a half miles round-trip from the parking area and is usually rated at a moderate to intermediate level.

How hard is the Koko Head hike?

The ascent is rather difficult and steep at times. It’s made more challenging by the fact that most of the steps are much longer and taller than the usual steps that we are used to. But the reward is a stunning panorama with views of Hanauma Bay and Hawaii Kai.

How many calories do you burn on Koko Head?

The fitness benchmark for getting to the top of Koko Crater (elevation: 1,200 feet) is 20 minutes, which his clients aspire to. Every subsequent climb up, the goal is to go faster. Going up to the top and down can burn an estimated 400 to 800 calories.

How many stairs are on the Diamond Head hike?

This is the first staircase you’ll encounter: 74 steps culminating in a tunnel. Everyone has to go through this tunnel to reach the summit. It’s 225 feet long—it only appears as if it has no end because the final few yards are around a bend. As you can see, it’s lighted.

How many steps are in the stairway to heaven?

Security guards, “No Trespassing” signs and the threat of fines have done little to deter hikers from making the 3,922-step ascent, known as the “Stairway to Heaven,” to a former radio relay station used by the Navy during World War II. Social media, critics say, has only emboldened them.

How many steps are in a floor?

Ten feet is a good estimate for the height of a building floor. So going up one floor requires about 21 steps. If you want to climb to the top of an eight (8) story building, a good estimate is that you are going to have to climb 21 time 8 or 168 steps.

What time should you hike Koko Head?

4pm should be a good time even if you take an hour and a half to get to the top. I would say the average duration of the hike is 50 minutes. the range is from 20 minutes (cross fit level) to an hour fifteen minutes for those that stop to take a break every 20 steps.

How many stairs are in Diamond Head?

Are there bathrooms at Koko Head?

As you drive into Koko Head District Park on Anapalau St, you will find parking spots and restrooms. You can park your car where the restrooms are, or continue driving as you will find a second parking lot closer to the trail.

How many stairs are in a flight?

In a typical home with 8-foot walls, a flight of stairs has between 13 – 15 steps. A home with 9′ ceilings will require 15 – 17 steps. Homes with 10′ ceilings will need 17 – 19 steps.

How many steps are on the Koko Head stairs?

When it comes to visiting the Hawaiian capital of Honolulu, hiking the Koko Crater Trail, also known as the Koko Head Stairs, has become a regular tradition for tourists. With 1,048 steps to the top, the trail follows the steep hill that rises 1,200 feet above Kawaii Kai and overlooks Hanauma Bay.

How hard is it to hike Koko Head?

The Koko Head stairs is by far one of the more challenging hikes on Oahu; to get this incredible view, you have to climb 1,048 steps to get there. Don’t worry, with proper preparation everyone can hike Koko Head!

Can you help repair the Koko Head steps?

The Koko Head Steps are extremely popular with hundreds of hikers climbing it daily. Add the rainy season and years in existence, there are some sections that needs attention…many steps have already been repaired. A GoFundMe campaign has been created to help clean up, repair, and reinforce sections of this Oahu hiking trail.

How high above sea level is Koko Head?

At the Koko Head Crater summit, you will be 1208ft (368m) above sea level with panoramic views. The Koko Head hike is open at all hours more or less. People often throw on a headlamp and get hiking the trail before sunrise to be at the summit for sunrise.

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