How long does it take lucerne to grow?

How long does it take lucerne to grow?

Lucerne’s extensive root system enables the crop to produce good yields even under relatively dry conditions. It’s perennial nature means that once successfully established reliable production could be expected for the following 3 to 4 years.

How long does lucerne take to sprout?

1 – 2 weeks
During Establishment: Seedlings emerge within 1 – 2 weeks of sowing. Weeks grow quickly and should be sprayed with 2.4-DB as soon as the Lucerne seedlings reach the stage of having three trifoliate leaves, this will normally be about 4 – 6 weeks after the sowing date depending on the weather.

How do you plant lucerne?

Lucerne does not establish well from being sown too deep. The seed should be covered by 1-2 cm of soil. Using a roller after sowing is important to get good seed soil contact on lighter soils. Treating lucerne seed is recommended in any situation for successful establishment.

How deep do lucerne roots go?

two metres
Lucerne or alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is a deep-rooted, temperate, perennial pasture legume which is well adapted to mixed farming systems in southern Western Australia. Due to its high water use and deep roots (>two metres on suitable soils) it is able to address rising watertables and associated salinity.

How often should lucerne be watered?

Lucerne requires about 1200 mm water/yr to give good production. The volume of water given during irrigation should be sufficient to wet the soil to its full potential (maximum that soil can absorb = field water capacity) while the frequency of irrigation (time between irrigations) should be left as long as possible.

How much is lucerne per acre?

Seeding rate will depend on expected productivity and end use of the lucerne. For dryland production, a sowing rate of 1–5kg/ha is recommended; for irrigated lucerne 10–15kg/ha.

What is the spacing of lucerne?

In New Zealand, lucerne seed has commonly been produced in rows 9 or 18 cm apart at sowing rates of 6-12 kg/ha (Wynn-Williams & Palmer 1974). However, Dunbier et al. (1983) recommended a sowing rate of 1 kg/ha and row spacing of 75 cm, although they produced no evidence to support these recommendations.

How often do you cut lucerne?

The optimal time to cut lucerne is when 5-10% of the plants are flowering (early bloom). At this moment more than half of all plant should have a new sprout coming from the crown. When aimed for the maximal quality, harvest occurs in pre-bloom or late-bud stage.

How many Litres of water does it take to irrigate an acre?

One cusec of water flowing for one hour is equal to 62.4 Ib X 60 X 60 = 22464 gallons, 101 tons, or one- hectare inch (28.37 liter X 60 X 60 = 101952 liters or one-acre inch.

How many times can you harvest lucerne?

 You can cut lucerne five or six times a year.

How do you grow lucerne hedges?

Desmanthus- hedge lucerne

  1. It is grow throughout the year under irrigation and during June – October as a rainfed crop.
  2. Sow the seeds at 20 kg/ha in solid stand on the side of the ridges over the lines where fertilizers are applied at a depth of 2 cm and cover with soil.

How do you grow Velimasal?

20 kg/ ha. Hand weeding whenever necessary. First harvest at 90 days after planting and subsequent harvests once in 50 days….

Plant height (cm) 110-120
No. of branches per plant 15-20
No. of pods per plant 75-100
No. of seeds per pod 6-10

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