How long does it take for a delayed service to start?

How long does it take for a delayed service to start?

One of the side effects of Automatic (Delayed Start) services is that they do start later in the boot cycle. The default delay is 120 seconds (2 minutes). On fast hardware, this might just be too long to wait.

How do I delay the start of a Windows service?

To make that change:

  1. Start the Services utility. To do so, press the Windows + R keys to open the Run window, and then type services.
  2. Find your service in the list.
  3. In the Startup type field, select Automatic (Delayed Start) from the list:
  4. Click OK to save your change.

How do you tell how long a service has been running?

To find the event log record showing when your service was last started:

  1. Open the Event Viewer from the Control Panel (search for it by name).
  2. In the left-hand column, navigate to Windows Logs > System:
  3. Click Find… on the right to bring up the Find window.

How can I tell when Windows service started?

Look in the event log: The service control manager logs every time a service is stopped or started. This is Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> System, where Source is Service Control Manager.

How can I adjust when automatic delayed start services are started at boot?

To allow Delayed Start more time SERVICE BY SERVICE: Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ To increase the default delay of 120 seconds, right click the registry key and add new key AutoStartDelay (DWORD (32-bit)) Set AutoStartDelay in milliseconds (decimal).

What is the difference between automatic and delayed start?

In short, services set to Automatic will start during the boot process, while services set to start as Delayed will start shortly after boot. Starting your service Delayed improves the boot performance of your server and has security benefits which are outlined in the article Adriano linked to in the comments.

What is automatic trigger start?

Automatic (Trigger Start) means: This service will start automatically at boot. It may also start or stop in response to specific operating system events.

What is process uptime?

The process. uptime() method is an inbuilt application programming interface of the process module which is used to get the number of seconds the Node. js process is running. Syntax: process.

How do I find uptime processes?

We can easily check with the help of “ps” command. It shows, the given process uptime in the form of [[DD-]hh:]mm:ss, in seconds, and exact start date and time. There are multiple options are available in ps command to check this. Each options comes with different output, which can be used for different purpose.

Who restarted Windows service?

Double click the recent event. In the event properties box, you can see the person who initiated the restart of server.

How do I audit a Windows service?

In the GPO you created, go to Computer Configuration->Policies->Windows Settings->Security Settings->System Services, locate the service you want to audit, and define its policy settings by clicking on Edit Security button, which will display Security dialog box.

What is startup type automatic delayed start?

A service marked as Automatic (Delayed Start) will start shortly after all other services designated as Automatic have been started. In my experience, this means that they are started 1-2 minutes after the computer boots. The setting is most useful in lessening the “mad rush” for resources when a machine boots.

How do I configure a service for delayed automatic-start?

To configure a service for delayed automatic-start, you can create a REG_DWORD value called DelayedAutoStart in the service’s configuration registry key under HKLM\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services For example, the Delivery Optimization service ( DoSvc) is set to Automatic (delayed start) in Windows 10 v1903.

What are the registry values for delayedautostart in Windows 10?

For example, the Delivery Optimization service ( DoSvc) is set to Automatic (delayed start) in Windows 10 v1903. Here are the registry values for this service which store the service startup type choice: The DelayedAutostart value data of 1 means the service is set to delayed start.

Can a delayed automatic start service be a load ordering group?

A delayed automatic start service cannot be a member of a load ordering group, but it can depend on another automatic start service. If an application calls a delayed automatic start service before it is loaded, the call fails. On operating systems that do not support delayed automatic start, setting this property has no effect.

What is delayedautostart and start DWORD 2?

If the Start DWORD is set to 2 (Automatic) and DelayedAutoStart is set to 0 or the value is missing, then it means the service is set to Automatic start (no delay.) Editor’s note: Arbitrarily changing the service startup types can cause problems to the system.

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