How is a Trolloc made?

How is a Trolloc made?

Trolloc weapons are made at the forges of Thakan’dar in Shayol Ghul. Some of them has the taint of that place, a stain of evil in the metal.

How are Myrddraal created?

One theory holds that Myrddraal are created by whatever allows humans to channel; this may also explain why they are needed for turning a channeler to the Dark One. This theory is supported by the fact that around 5% of all Trolloc offspring are Myrddraal, roughly the same ratio as channelers amongst humans.

Are Trollocs evil?

As to the OP: Trollocs are evil, as said. They enjoy the massacre and life they lead. Of course, they are scared of the Myrddraal and Forsaken, but they take pleasure in terrorising humans. The sympathy should go to the Souls which have been twisted.

What are Trollocs based on?

The show based on the books by the late author Robert Jordan, follows Moiraine Sedai, a sister of the Aes Sedai. She sets out on a journey to find the Dragon Reborn, a powerful male or female champion who is destined to save humanity but also has the power to destroy it.

Are there female Trollocs?

Pretty much, yeah. Female trollocs are kept in breeding pens, and giving birth is their only function in life.

What does an Ogier look like?

Artwork of Ariel Burgess Ogier men stand about eight feet tall (“half again as tall as a man”). The women are only slightly shorter, and softer in feature. They have broad noses, wide mouths, long tufted ears, and eyes the size of teacups.

Who created Trollocs?

Trollocs are created by Aginor before the beginning of the War of Power (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 5).

Why can’t Trollocs swim?

The answer that ‘they can’t swim’ seems kind of poor since (just about) every animal can swim instinctually if necessary. It’s either: They really are incapable of swimming. Deep water is pure, like the way people baptize so it is too ‘holy’ for them.

How much is a fist of Trollocs?

Trollocs are used as foot soldiers. They are organized into fists of one to two hundred Trollocs and are placed under the command of a Myrddraal (TWoRJTWoT, Ch. 7). Myrddraal can link minds with Trollocs, completely overriding their bestial nature.

What race are the seanchan?

Seanchan: Mixed ethnicity. Seanchan is an entire continent, so you get the dark-skinned like Tuon and the light skinned like Selucia. Other Borderlands: Various Asian/Indian/Middle Eastern I think.

What happens to Loial in Wheel of Time?

Contrary to what it looked like, The Wheel of Time only pretended to kill off Loial (Hammed Animashaun). In the season 1 finale, Padan Fain (Johann Myers) seemingly dealt the fan-favorite character a fatal stab wound. However, Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins has confirmed that the Ogier isn’t actually dead.

What is a Trolloc?

A Trolloc is a humanoid creature with both animal and human physical features. A Trolloc has an animal-like snout, beak, or head, hoofed feet, feathers, or oversized rough hands with thick nails. Much as height and hair color differs between humans, so does the line between animal and human vary amongst individual Trollocs.

What are Trollocs in age of Legends?

A Trolloc (pronounced: TRAHL-lohk) is a type of Shadowspawn created in the Age of Legends that comprises the bulk of the Dark One ‘s armies. A crossing of human and animal stock, their physical characteristics are a blending of both lineages, horrifying almost all that come in contact with them.

Is there a written script for a Trolloc?

Trollocs also have a written script for their language, in the form of angular runes. An example of this is the carvings found on some of the guide stones in The Ways . ↑ The Wheel of Time Companion.

Do Trollocs have a language?

Some Trollocs are capable of rudimentary human speech, but usually they converse amongst themselves in their own guttural tongue. Trollocs also have a written script for their language, in the form of angular runes. An example of this is the carvings found on some of the guide stones in The Ways . ↑ The Wheel of Time Companion.

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