How does Rainsford resourceful?

How does Rainsford resourceful?

Rainsford is extremely resourceful and uses various materials from the surrounding area to fashion effective booby traps, which impede and harm the general. Rainsford is only armed with a hunting knife but manages to fashion a Malay mancatcher, a Burmese tiger pit, and a deadly trap he learned to make in Uganda.

Why does zaroff think Rainsford is droll and naïve?

Zaroff thinks Rainford droll and naive as Zaroff thinks himself as the superior most Hunter and all others to be far below him. EXPLANATION: In the story ‘The most Dangerous Game’ by Richard Connel Zaroff is a unique character. He lives in an island in majestic lavishness.

Did Rainsford kill zaroff?

In the end, Rainsford is able to beat Zaroff by killing him. Rainsford is able to escape capture by making Zaroff think that he died. Rainsford returns to Zaroff’s castle, surprises him, and kills him. Therefore, Rainsford wins the game by exterminating Zaroff.

What is an allusion in The Most Dangerous Game?

Again Zaroff provides an allusion to his country’s past: After the debacle in Russia I left the country, for it was imprudent for an officer of the Tsar to stay there. Zaroff alludes to the Russian Revolution in 1917, during which time the Romanov czars were forcibly removed from power after the Bolshevik rebellion.

Who does Rainsford meet first?


Whats the central idea of the most dangerous game?


What happens to Rainsford at the beginning of the story?

As the story progresses, Rainsford experiences a ironic turn of events. As he finds his way to an island, he realizes that he, the hunter, for the first time in his life will be the hunted. This gives him perspective. He learns to fear.

What experience of hunting has Rainsford had?

What experience in hunting has Rainsford had? He travels a lot to go hunting and has shot a lot. Writes books about hunting.

Why does Rainsford repeat the word nerve?

What does Rainsford’s repetition of the word “nerve” reveal about his character? A. Rainsford’s repetition characterizes him as forgetful and blundering, which is why he must repeat the word to remember his mission. Rainsford’s repetition shows that it is his courage and ability to reason that enables him to survive.

What does zaroff mean when he nods to Ivan?

What does Zaroff mean when he nods to Ivan? He is threatening Rainsford to join him as he hunts other people. He is giving Rainsford the choice to join his hunt or be hurt by Ivan, which is the choice he gives his other victims.

What is the perspective of the most dangerous game?

“The Most Dangerous Game” is narrated by a third-person limited omniscient narrator. For the most part, the reader views the events of the story through the perspective of Rainsford, the man being hunted by General Zaroff.

How does Rainsford attitude towards hunting change during the story?

How does Rainsford’s attitude change because of his experience? He has more sympathy for the hunted, like Whitney. What do you think his future views on hunting will be? Since he now knew how it felt about how it was like being hunted, he feels more sympathetic towards the hunted.

Is Rainsford a protagonist?

Rainsford is, by definition, the protagonist in this story. As the main character and conceptual “good guy,” Rainsford fills the role of protagonist well. The antagonist, in contrast, would be General Zaroff, as he is considered to be the adversary or “bad guy” in the context of the short story.

How does Rainsford justify killing animals?

i do not think he will remain a hunter because he experienced what it feels like to be hunted like an animal. how does rainsford justify killing animals? general zaroff justify killing men by not thinking of it as murder but thinking that he is one of the strong and he wants to use his gift on the weak.

Where is Rainsford yacht headed for?

“The Most Dangerous Game” opens with a conversation between two men, Whitney and Rainsford. The pair are on a yacht headed to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the time of the story, they find themselves somewhere in the Caribbean. Both men are aficionados of big-game hunting.

How does Rainsford’s opinion on animals change?

How does Rainsford’s opinion on animals change throughout the story? At first, Rainsford believes only humans can feel, but by the end, he agrees with Whitney that animals can also feel “fear of pain”.

What place does General zaroff tell Rainsford to avoid?

Death Swamp

How does Rainsford see the world?

Rainsford believes that the world is made up of hunters and hunted. A world-renowned big-game hunter and the story’s protagonist. A Russian Cossack and expatriate who lives on Ship-Trap Island and enjoys hunting men. Rainsford’s friend and traveling companion.

When did Rainsford kill Ivan?

Ivan is killed by a trap that Rainsford set. By the third day, Rainsford knows that he is running out of creative options to throw off Zaroff. It is made even harder on this particular day because Zaroff has brought Ivan and the hunting dogs.

How is the conflict between Rainsford and zaroff resolved?

The conflict between Rainsford and Zaroff is brought about by Zaroff’s irrational desire to hunt and animal of intelligence, a bill which Rainsford readily fills. It is resolved when a more intelligent Rainsford out thinks Zaroff and overcomes him in his own bedroom at the end of the story.

What are some characteristics of Rainsford?

Intelligent, experienced, and level-headed, Rainsford uses his wits and physical prowess to outwit General Zaroff. His understanding of civilization and the relationship between hunter and prey is radically transformed during his harrowing days on the island.

How is Rainsford determined?

Rainsford is determined and self-sufficient; even when thrown from his boat in the middle of the ocean in pitch-black night. His determination serves him well later, as he refuses to give up, even when all his traps fail to kill Zaroff.

What is the plot of most dangerous game?

Plot: The Most Dangerous Game is a suspenseful adventure story about celebrated hunter Sanger Rainsford. After falling overboard while sailing to a hunting vacation, Rainsford washes ashore on Ship-Trap Island, an eerie place.

Why is General zaroff no longer interested in hunting?

Why is General Zaroff no longer interested in hunting? He was shot on his last hunting trip. He found another hobby. It has become too easy and he is bored with it.

Where is Rainsford headed?

Hover for more information. At the beginning of the short story, Rainsford and Whitney are sailing on the Caribbean Sea, heading towards Rio in South America to hunt jaguars in the Amazon rainforest. Rainsford is a world-renowned hunter and has even written books about his hunting experiences.

How did Rainsford kill zaroff?

Rainsford also builds several effective booby traps that slow down the general, and he is able to leap into the sea before Zaroff can shoot him. At the end of the story, Rainsford kills Zaroff in a duel and sleeps comfortably in his bed.

What is the theme of a dangerous game?

Violence and Cruelty is the main theme of “The Most Dangerous Game” “The violence of his malicious host, General Zaroff, initially shocks Rainsford, but as he fights to stay alive he becomes caught up in Zaroff’s game.

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