How does Joe insult Janie when he ridicules her?

How does Joe insult Janie when he ridicules her?

How does Joe insult Janie? What does she say about him to retaliate? He keeps talking about her age and how she looks like an “old hen”. Janie insults Jody’s sagging body and how he looks like the “change of life” when naked.

What happens in chapter 3 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Summary: Chapter 3 As Janie prepares for her marriage to Logan, she understands that she doesn’t love him but assumes that after marriage, love will come naturally, as Nanny has been telling her. After Janie leaves, Nanny prays to God to care for Janie, saying that she, Nanny, has done the best that she could.

What was tea cakes first symptom?

Back on the muck, Tea Cake checks up on his old friends and is relieved to learn that only one of them died in the storm. He soon finds work, and after three weeks, he and Janie take time off to enjoy rifle shooting. Some time later, Tea Cake begins to show signs of an infection where the dog bit him on the cheek.

How does tea cake die?

Tea Cake becomes deranged and pulls a gun on his wife. He and Janie end up facing off, with guns pointed at each other. Tea Cake is driven by the disease within him, and Janie shoots out of self-defense. He dies in her arms—biting her arm—and Janie mourns his death.

What happens in chapter 5 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 5. Married life with Joe Starks seems to get off to a good start as Janie and her husband ride the train to the new town (“…a town all outa colored folks…”) that he told her about. He indulges her by buying little trinkets, and she is impressed by his ability to talk to strangers.

Why does tea cake kill the dog?

Janie kills Tea Cake because he had rabies. Rabies is a deadly disease that causes insanity and erratic and violent behavior, so her killing of Tea Cake is an act of self defense and a kind mercy killing. In the book, Tea Cake is bitten by a rabid dog while trying to save Janie during a hurricane.

What happened in Chapter 1 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Summary: Chapter 1 As the sun sets in a southern town, a mysterious woman trudges down the main road. Pheoby criticizes the other women on the porch for their malicious gossip and sticks up for Janie. She excuses herself and visits Janie’s home, bringing Janie a plate of food.

What happens in chapter 6 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Chapter 6 serves two chief functions: it further explores Janie and Jody’s relationship, particularly his need for control, and it examines the strong sense of community in Eatonville, particularly the way language nurtures this sense of community.

What are some themes in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Their Eyes Were Watching God Themes

  • Gender Roles and Relations.
  • Voice, Language and Storytelling.
  • Desire, Love, and Independence.
  • Power, Judgment, and Jealousy.
  • Race and Racism.

Why Their Eyes Were Watching God is important?

Because it is the story of a woman and because it was the first major novel published by a black woman, Their Eyes Were Watching God is often classified as a feminist novel. As the novel unfolds, Janie acts according to this notion, battling and struggling in the direction of her dreams.

What does Janie learn in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Janie learned from her marriage to Jody Starks that she needs to think about her happiness and that a married couple should see each other as equals. Janie fell in love with Jody because of his big plans and his success. 86) Janie knew that Jody never treated her as an equal and she did not love him because of it.

What happens in chapter 2 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Nanny seeks to give Janie a more secure social footing by gaining material independence—leaving the Washburn’s and buying her own home. Janie receives her first kiss from Johnny Taylor over that gate when she is sixteen. The day of the kiss, Janie spends the day under a blossoming pear tree in Nanny’s yard.

Why did Janie kill tea cake?

Janie kills Tea Cake to save her own life. Tea Cake gets sick, but by the time a doctor sees him and recognizes that the dog has infected Tea Cake with rabies, it is too late. Tea Cake gets sicker and more violent and starts imagining that Janie is cheating on him, so he sleeps with a pistol.

Where does Their Eyes Were Watching God start?


What role does God play in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

God plays a profound role in Janie’s journey in Their Eyes Were Watching God. As she endures unbelievable challenges, Janie learns that God’s power is at once a frightening and beautiful force. She also learns the importance of having a direct, personal relationship with God that is free from anyone else’s control.

Is tea cake a good person?

Hurston depicts Tea Cake as not simply a good or bad person, but instead as a real person who is complicated and not easily understood. However, in the middle of the storm, Tea Cake saves Janie from a rabid dog, ultimately sacrificing his own life in this act of love-driven heroism.

What kind of God are the eyes watching?

The eyes are looking toward an omniscient, omnipotent God to share their fate with them.

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