How do you use the K9 show stopper?

How do you use the K9 show stopper?

Mix with food (wet or dry). Begin with ½ scoop (¼ scoop for smaller dogs). Build up to full amount over 7 days. Daily amount can be divided among feedings.

How to use K9 power?

Start with 1/4 serving on Day 1 and work up to a full serving over 7-10 days, gradually increasing over time. Many customers find that it’s best to add small amount of water to make a gravy when serving with dry food. Can I combine multiple K9 Power products in one feeding? It is certainly okay to mix our products.

What breed are police dogs?

The following breeds are popular choices to be trained as police dogs: Belgian Malinois. German Shepherd Dogs. Bloodhounds.

How do you use puppy gold?

FOR PUPPIES: Mix ½ scoop (per 1 cup of food) with warm water (~80°F) to create a milk-like consistency. This should not vary with puppy weight, only the volume (per cup) of food. Begin with ¼ scoop and build up to a full amount over the first week or two.

Is inositol safe for dogs?

Based on the inositol concentrations found in some commercial diets for pets, the FEEDAP Panel concludes that inositol up to a total content of 3,000 mg free inositol/kg complete dry feed could be considered as safe for dogs and cats.

What is a dog top speed?

German Shepherd: 30 mph
Greyhound: 45 mph

What does Inositol do for dogs?

Inositol phosphates play roles in regulating cell growth and apoptosis, cell migration, cell differentiation and endocytosis. According to some research, inositol may provide a facilitative role in skin and coat health. A solid reason to include inositol in dog and cat food diets remains lacking.

Why is Marigold in dog food?

Calendula extract, or Marigold extract is a commonly used herbal medication. It is frequently used as a topical antiseptic, but can also be added to pet food due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can aid in digestion and reduce inflammation and combat viruses and bacteria.

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