How do you use the BMW secret menu?

How do you use the BMW secret menu?


  1. Figure out the CODE. Add the last 5 digits of your VIN.
  2. Please turn on the key to position I (ACC). If your BMW has Start/Stop button, press it twice without pressing the brake pedal.
  3. Press and hold the odometer reset button for ten seconds.
  4. Unlock the hidden menu.
  5. You will see Lock ON—code 00.

What is BMW OBC?

The On Board Computer (OBC) was a digital meter unit offered by BMW. It provided live data such as time, average speed and fuel range, and was mounted in the centre console.

What is a hidden menu?

What Is A Hidden Menu on An Android? The following menu is a private setting developed in stock Android. It allows you to do an extensive level of customization with your smartphone. You can modify the interface, status bar, notification menu, and more.

What does E60 mean on BMW?

In more detailed terms, E60 stands for Entwicklung 60 (development 60) which can be translated into Evolution 60. The 60 means that this is BMW’s 60th model design since the beginning of the company. Not all designs are put into production, such as concept cars, which also receive an E designation.

What is a OBC do?

The OBC is a small device that is wired into the golf cart that’s purpose is to regulate the batteries charge. As you use and drive your golf cart, the OBC records the amount of energy consumed and then directs the charger to replace exactly the amount of energy needed to fully replenish the batteries.

How do I set the time on my OBC e30?

To set the time, press the changeover contact and use the 1000/100 buttons to set the hour and the 10/1 buttons to correct the minutes. Press the changeover contact button again to set. A dot will appear between the hours and minutes to indicate that the clock in running.

What is Systemui?

System UI is a type of user interface that enables users to control and customize their displays independent of an app. System UI is an Android application that enables display customization independent of third-party apps. In even simpler terms, everything you see on Android that is not an app is System UI.

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