How do you teach poetry creatively?

How do you teach poetry creatively?

These approaches have worked in my classroom in terms of engaging students with reading, analyzing, and writing about poetry and related skills.Entice them with music. Write poems that are fun and nonthreatening. Focus on reading comprehension. Use picture books. Use poetry to teach a writing skill. Play games.

Why is poetry good for the brain?

We know that poetry triggers parts of the brain tied to reward, emotion, and memory, strengthens overall cognitive health, and encourages self-reflection.

Does reading poetry make you smarter?

The next time you’re devoting time to reading, choose a little poetry to exercise your memory, complex problem-solving, empathy, and reflection skills. Poetry helps you navigate complex meaning, remember things better, be more empathic, and tolerate uncertainty.

How poetry affect the life of human being?

Poetry deepens and renews the gift that all of us have and the gift that makes us human beings, imagination. Imagination is a great deal in our lives, the more imaginative we strive to and become, the more compassionate we become and that is one of the highest and greatest virtues of all.

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