How do you store cable drums?

How do you store cable drums?

Keep the Drum in upright position When stored in upright position, the cable layers do not get entangled during uncoiling. Note: Always store and move the drums in upright position. In no case, should the drums be stored ‘on the flat’ that is with flange horizontal.

How do you store cable reels?

Reels should be stored indoors on a hard, dry surface. If the cable needs to be stored outside, the reels should be placed on a hard surface, preferably in a well-drained area. The cable’s exposed end should be resealed with plastic, weatherproof caps or tapes.

How do you stack cable drums?

The cable drum should always be stored in an upright position, resting it vertically of cable flange and not in horizontal position. If storage place is limited then stacking can be done drums but always stack completely wrapped drums on their flanges in upright position.

How do you transport large cable drums?

Cable drums should always be stored and transported standing on both flanges. They should not be pushed along the ground standing on the flanges. It is possible that the strength of the cable drum would then no longer be guaranteed. Observe the rolling direction.

How do I stop my cable drums from rolling?

Drums should be stored on a hard surface with wedges or barriers to prevent the drums from rolling. If the storage surface is soft or not flat, eg.

Why should cable reels be stored vertically on the edges of the flanges?

All reels must be shipped upright. Shipping the reel on its side can cause damage to the reel flange and/or cause the cable layers to shift. This may cause damage to the cable by causing it to snag during payoff. Reels must be moved upright by lifting the cable with a fork lift or reel mover.

How do you move a cable drum?

  1. The Right Way to Transport and Move Drums.
  2. Keep the Drum Upright.
  3. Always store and move the drum in an upright position.
  4. Roll in direction of arrows only.
  5. for rolling direction.
  7. A cable is a valuable product.
  8. Lift the Drum Carefully.

Why should the cut end of an underground cable be sealed when it is stored on a reel in the yard?

If a length of cable has been cut from the reel, the cable end should be immediately resealed to prevent the entrance of moisture. If a part length is returned to storage, the reel’s protective covering should be restored. Wooden reels should be stored off the ground to prevent rotting.

What can you make with cable reel?

Best cable reel ideas

  1. Cable drum bookshelves. Quite simply a home can never have too many books!
  2. Cable drum console tables.
  3. Cable drum clock.
  4. Cable drum garden seats.
  5. Cable drum garden bar.
  6. Cable drum garden planter.
  7. Cable drum children’s play station.
  8. Cable drum decking.

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