How do you start a thesis driven essay?

How do you start a thesis driven essay?

Think broad and give the reader a sneak peek into your essay; let them know what to expect. 1. Start with a hook, one to three sentences. This can be a question, a quote, a brief story, an interesting fact, a historical example, or anything that will capture the attention of your reader.

What is an idea driven thesis?

A thesis driven essay is comprised of an initial thesis statement that establishes a claim or argument, and ensuing topic sentences that support and develop that claim.

What is a representative example in writing?

In writing, your representative example gives you a way to focus in on a specific example of a larger problem. By looking at your example through the lens of the reading you have been doing, you might be able to see things about the larger problem that weren’t clear before.

What is representative evidence?

Representative evidence is evidence that accurately represents the whole topic, not just a select piece. Another word for representative is typical. Example: Let’s say I want to prove that Americans are altruistic, and to prove it I point to Bill Gates.

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