How do you stain concrete to make it look like wood?

How do you stain concrete to make it look like wood?


  1. Start by applying Super-Krete Bond-Kote with a squeegee to achieve a smooth uniform finish.
  2. Next, apply a fiber-infused tape (1/4” or 1/2”) in the desired wood plank pattern.
  3. Apply another coat of Super-Krete Bond-Kote with a squeegee and immediately drag a concrete finishing broom through it.

Can you stain concrete with wood stain?

You can use most any kind of wood stain to coat concrete as long as you take the proper preparation steps to condition the surface to accept the coating. In addition, you may need to apply a water-proofing agent to the finish coat, depending on where the concrete is located.

Can you paint concrete to look like wood?

You can even faux paint concrete to make it look like something else. Simulating a wood texture will make your cold concrete surface look warm and organic. Making very realistic woodgrain texture takes some effort, but even an amateur can manage it with the right tools and technique.

Can concrete floors look like wood?

Save money with decorative concrete faux wood floors The look of hardwood floors is craved by many homeowners but can be cost-prohibitive. With stamped, resurfaced concrete overlays, you can have the look of real hardwood floors throughout your home at a fraction of the cost of the real materials.

What is the difference between wood stain and concrete stain?

True concrete stain is to concrete like wood stain is to wood. Acid staining is a chemical reaction that permanently changes the color of the concrete surface. If you want to stain old concrete, using a true acid stain is always the best option.

What’s the difference between concrete dye and stain?

When it comes to concrete stain vs. dye, the main difference is that a stain will chemically react with the concrete, while a dye will simply permeate the material. Here’s some more information on both concrete stains and concrete dyes.

How do you paint concrete floors to look like stone?

Choose your paint or stain colors accordingly, with one primary background color and at least one or two complimentary colors for the flecks and specks in the stone. Because concrete is so porous, you may want to use special concrete paint or stain products to achieve the best results.

How do you stain concrete to make it look like flagstone?

Brush or roll paint, stain or dye onto the sidewalk, following the flagstone pattern. Start with a medium flagstone color to fill in the entire stone pattern and then use a sea sponge to add darker and lighter colors that appear in natural flagstone.

Can you stain concrete to look like stone?

You can paint a concrete patio to look like stone, but it will weather, fade and chip over time even if you seal it. Before you spend all of the time and trouble to paint a flagstone patio, consider using concrete stain instead.

How you can paint concrete to look like wood?

Aluminum foil

  • Painter’s tape
  • Duct tape
  • Concrete primer
  • Paint roller
  • Paint (you will need 2 colors – the one must be a light shade and the other must be a darker shade)
  • Paint tray
  • Paintbrush
  • Clean rags (or paper towels)
  • Graining brush
  • How to stamp concrete to look like wood?

    Wood stamped concrete is the perfect alternative. Thanks to a unique stamping process before the concrete sets, our stamped concrete contractors can give you the look of wood planks without the cost or upkeep. Concrete that looks like wood is an affordable way to transform existing concrete or give new concrete a decorative and high-end look.

    Can you make concrete look like wood?

    Staining concrete like wood will give the look of one continuous piece of wood. To mimic the look of a hardwood floor with panels, you will need to use a stamp to create the seams of the floor panels. Concrete is a durable, easy-to-clean material for floors.

    How to make concrete look like wood flooring?

    Wood stamped concrete patio. A wood plank stamp was used to impart the texture of real boards to this patio.

  • Wood stamped concrete pool deck.
  • Concrete bridge with stamped wood-grain.
  • Wooden plank concrete walkways.
  • Concrete patio replicates reclaimed timber
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