How do you put the Child Lock on a Samsung refrigerator?

How do you put the Child Lock on a Samsung refrigerator?

Child Lock Function

  1. Press and hold the Ice Off button for 3 seconds to turn on the Child Lock function.
  2. When Child Lock is activated, all the panel buttons, including the Ice button and the dispensers, are locked and deactivated.
  3. To turn the Child Lock off, press and hold the Ice Off button for 3 seconds.

How does a Child Lock work on a refrigerator?

The Child Lock function prevents accidental setting changes on the refrigerator’s control panel. To use the Child Lock function, press Child Lock button for 3 seconds. Also, the Water and Ice dispenser will NOT work when the Child Lock function is engaged on 2008 models and newer.

How do I lock my Samsung refrigerator?

Open settings from the Home screen. Select the ‘Security’ option from the list. To enable security controls, touch Enable Restrictions. Use the on-screen number pad to set a 4 digit PIN.

How do you turn off the Child Lock on a Samsung French door refrigerator?

When Child Lock is on, the display panel and dispenser buttons are locked so that the buttons cannot be used. The Child Lock icon will light up to indicate that you have activated the function. When you want to turn the Child Lock function off, press the Lighting button for 3 seconds. The Child Lock icon will turn off.

How do you use the control panel on a Samsung refrigerator?

5 Press and hold the Control Lock button for 3 seconds to activate the Control Lock. Control Lock disables all of the controls on the refrigerator to prevent accidents. While active, the Control Lock indicator will light up. To deactivate Control Lock, press and hold the button again for 3 seconds.

How do I turn off the lock on my Samsung fridge?

Control Lock Function

  1. To turn on Control Lock, press and hold the Energy Saver button for 3 seconds.
  2. The Control Lock icon will be displayed indicating that the lock has been activated.
  3. To turn off the Control Lock, press and hold the Energy Saver button for 3 seconds.
  4. You have completed the steps.

Does a Samsung refrigerator have a reset button?

Samsung fridges that don’t have a dedicated reset button can usually be reset using a standard key combination. Press and hold the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons simultaneously for five seconds. If the reset has worked, you’ll hear a chime, and the fridge will start back up with the default settings.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator control panel?

Reset your refrigerator: First, unplug it (or turn off the power at the circuit breaker), and then wait about five minutes for the electrical charge to clear out of it. Then, power it back on again.

How to unlock Samsung fridge?

Exit the show panel’s demo mode if “OF” is displayed on the panel.

  • Unplug the fridge for 10 seconds.
  • Press the “Ice Maintain” button down for 3 seconds to show off the child-lock.
  • How to unlock wheels on Samsung refrigerator?


  • Ice
  • Cardboard
  • Masking tape
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Mild soap
  • Clean rags
  • How do I unlock the water on my Samsung refrigerator?

    – Press and hold the ice maker reset button for about 2 seconds until you hear a chime (ding-dong) sound. Release the button once you hear the chime sound.? – Put the ice bucket back and wait for 3~4 hours. – 5 (Very Satisfied) 1 (Very Dissatisfied)

    How to unlock child lock?

    Remove the plastic cover around the child lock lever using a flat-head screwdriver; this will expose a larger hole to access the lock mechanism.

  • Spray a lubricant all over the lock lever,making sure to get the lubricant deep into the child lock device.
  • Turn the child safety lock on and off several times to loosen it,then try to reset it.

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