How do you play Labyrinth?

How do you play Labyrinth?

The game board forms a maze built of both fixed and moving pieces. The players rearrange the maze to their advantage by moving a row of pieces in turn. Each player has one token, which they move in the maze. The player’s goal is to collect treasures in the labyrinth and then return to their own starting position.

Do you have to move your piece in Labyrinth?

Important: You must move the maze before you can move your playing piece. Even if you can get to the treasure you are looking for without moving the maze. Once you have moved the maze, you can move your playing piece.

Who goes first in game of Labyrinth?

The youngest player goes first and play continues in a clockwise direction. is your turn you must choose one of the arrows and then insert a maze card, which will push out a maze card at the opposite end.

How many spaces can you move in Labyrinth?

After inserting the maze tile, players can move their piece to any space along the open path attached to their current space. Players can choose not to move at all. More than one piece can be on the same space.

What is Catan Junior?

CATAN Junior is for families with children ages 6-9. Simplified building rules, child-oriented trading, and a more innocuous robber equivalent called the “Ghost Captain” provide access to the world of CATAN games.

How do you win the board game Labyrinth?

Winning the Game The first player to turn over all of their treasure cards and make it back to their starting space wins the game. The red player has turned over all of their treasure cards. They then made their way back to their starting spot. The red player has won the game.

How do you get elite labyrinth?


  1. Normal is unlocked by clearing Skirmish 8 – Sacred War.
  2. Elite is unlocked by purchasing the. Labyrinth (Elite) Access, which almost always comes bundled into a Mall pack with a value of 99.99 USD or 9999 diamonds (or equivalent amount of currency depending on your country).

How do you defeat the Gemming Gremlin?

It can be killed with 1 hero, 1 hit and 1 energy, and will drop 1 gem item in loot. It is most often encountered in the Labyrinth, as a special boss, and will drop gems if hit; there is a small chance for the player to kill the gremlin and take the gem stash.

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