How do you play clan wars game?

How do you play clan wars game?

Leaders and Co-leaders can take their Clan to War by opening the Clan War screen and pressing the “Start War” button. The Leader selects the Clan members who will participate in the Clan War. Each player can use the “Clan Wars” button in their profile to indicate if they are available for Clan Wars or not.

Can you do 5 man clan wars?

The 5v5 Clan War size lets you concentrate your attack force in pocket-sized wars. Not only does this new Clan War size give you more options in the wars you wage, it gives Clans greater flexibility for smaller Clans, or larger Clans who like to alternate War sizes each war!

Are clan wars permanent?

Similar to the Ranked Series, Clan Wars will be a bi-seasonal competitive event that runs every two seasons. CoD Mobile devs explained that “Every two seasons it will reset, there will be new rewards, and your clan will have new chances to climb the leaderboards.”

Who can participate in clan wars?

If you are in a clan, you can access clan wars at any time via the clan wars button on left bottom corner on your screen (the button with two swords crossed). From here, new clan wars can be started by clan leaders and co-leaders, and you can participate in or spectate any clan wars that are in progress.

How do you start a clan war?

If you are the clan’s leaders or co-leader you need to hit the clan war button – it looks like two swords clashing, and is on the main screen – to start a battle. Then hit ‘Start War!’ Only the leader and other co-leaders can make you into a co-leader of a clan.

How is war weight calculated COC?

Your war weight in clan wars is determined by your defensive strength and your offensive strength. Every building, except for decorations, gold mines, elixir collectors, storages, and other buildings that do not affect your battle performance, affect your war weight in some way.

How do I join a Modern Warfare Clan?

Tap any Clan on the left to see the Clan Master, the Recruit Announcement, and whether or not the Clan has a level requirement. Once you find a Clan you want to join, highlight the Clan and tap Join at the bottom of the screen. If the Clan has no restrictions, you’ll be added to the Clan automatically.

How do you join Clan wars?

To participate in a Clan War, tap the”Clan Wars” button in your profile to turn it green. This indicates to the Clan Leader and Co-Leaders that you are available for Wars. However, the Leader who initiates the war has to choose you into the war before you can participate, whether your button is green or red.

How do I join CWL?

How to Sign-Up. CWL happens once every month. This event is always previously announced on the events tab with a countdown. Once the sign-up period starts, the leaders of your Clan have 2 days to choose the members and sign-up your clan.

Can I play CWL in 2 Clans?

In short: Yes! You can do both.

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