How do you greet elders in Swahili?

How do you greet elders in Swahili?

Shikamoo Shikamoo is a greeting that is reserved for elders, and is vital to know before your visit to a Swahili speaking country.

What is Marahaba?

marahaba. The correct response of a superior after his/her inferior says shikamoo, in Swahili.

What does Shikamo mean in Swahili?

touching your leg
Shikamoo? ( sheeKAmo) – Marahaba (maraHAba) This greeting is used when a young person is greeting a significantly older person. It is used to show respect. Shikamoo literally translates to ‘touching your leg’.

How do you respond to Habari Yako?

Medina: “Habari yako?” which means “Hello” or “How are you?” Medina: You say can “mzuri sana” as a reply. This means “I am very fine”.

How do you respond to mambo?

Mambo Vipi? How are things? To answer this, you could respond with, “Salama”, meaning fine, or with Safi or Poa tu, which mean cool.

What does Marhaba mean literally?

Marhaba is the most popular word used for hello in Arabic. It is simple and cannot be confused with any other word. Marhaban is the fancy term, Marhaba is more familiar and the most popular and Maraheb is mostly used among close friends. Good Morning : صباح الخير Pronunciation : Sabah al Khayr.

Which country says Marhaba?

MarHaba(n) مرحبا Don’t stress too much and learn from context. You can use marhaba as a friendly, casual greeting, commonly used in most Arabic countries. It can be used in both a formal and informal context.

How do you respond to Kwaheri?

One may use: kwaheri (to one person) or kwaherini (to more than one person). The appropriate response is kwaheri ya kuonana goodbye until we see you again. It is considered impolite to respond with just kwaheri.. It may be interpreted as a sign that the visit was unwelcome (good riddance).

How do I respond to Shikamoo?

Shikamoo is a respectful greeting used by a younger person to someone older, for example between a child and parent. The response to shikamoo is always, marahaba.

How do you respond to VIPI in Swahili?

What means Karibu Sana?

very welcome thank you very much.

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