How do you fix error code NW 31201 7 on PS4?

How do you fix error code NW 31201 7 on PS4?

The first thing to do is to check the status of the PSN on PlayStation’s website. If it says PSN down, your console may be throwing the above error code in response. You’ll have to wait until the PSN servers are back online to reconnect.

How do I fix error NW 31247 7?


  1. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, place the PS4 and the router closer together, and make sure there are no obstructions between them.
  2. Other devices on your network might be using a large amount of bandwidth.
  3. Check the connection status of the PS4 in [Settings] > [Network] > [Test Internet Connection]

Can not connect to network NW?

Cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi signal strength may be too weak. Run an internet connection test on the PS4 by going to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection. Reset your local network connection by powering off your modem or router and waiting 5 minutes before turning it back on.

How do you fix PS4 Cannot connect to server?

How to Fix It When Your PS4 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Check the status of the PlayStation Network. …
  2. Restart the modem and router. …
  3. Restart the PlayStation 4. …
  4. Confirm your Wi-Fi password is correct. …
  5. Move your PS4 closer to the wireless router. …
  6. Change the Wi-Fi network’s channel number. …

What does Error Code CE 32895 7 mean?

PS4 error ce-32895-7 is an error that may mean that PS4 does not have a certificate of RootCA, which issues the server certificate.

Why does my PS4 keep saying Cannot connect to server to verify license?

You can also try restoring the game licenses in your PS4 settings: Select Settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses, then fully turn off your Console for 30 seconds or so, and turn it back on. Let us know if this helps.

What is the DNS server on PS4?

Approach 1: Just pick from our list of Public DNS servers

Provider DNS servers

What is WV 33898 1 on PS4?

PS4 error WV-33898-1 usually occurs when there is no Internet connection available. As a result, users cannot use their applications or browse the Internet on their console.

What is a SSID PS4?

SSID stands for Service Set IDentifier and is your network’s name.

Why is my PS4 saying Cannot connect to the server within the time limit?

Causes of PS4 ‘Cannot Connect to the Wi-Fi Network Within the Time Limit’ Errors. Typically, when a connection times out, it means a server is taking too long to respond to a request for data from another device, in this case, the PlayStation 4.

How do you fix error code CE-32895-7 on PS4?

If there is a pending update on your console, you might see the error CE-32895-7 and fail to connect to the PlayStation network. To fix it, you can install the system software update. Usually, you can go to Settings > System > System Update to check and install an available update.

How do I fix error code CE 32930 7 on PS4?


  1. Go to the Home Screen and press the OPTIONS button while highlighting the icon of the content. Select Delete to delete the content.
  2. Download the content again.

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