How do I know what size knee pad I need?

How do I know what size knee pad I need?

Get a cloth tape measure and wrap it around the leg at the middle of the kneecap while standing. A measurement of 10 to 12 inches fits you in an extra-small pad; 12 to 14 inches is small; 14 to 16 inches equates to medium; large measures 15 to 17 inches; and extra large is 17 to 20 inches.

Should I size up or down for knee pads?

Every brand differs in sizing. Keep in mind your inseam. Especially if you’re short (shorter than 5’4”), the knee pads will likely come up higher on the thigh and lower toward your calf than described. Knee pads are meant to fit somewhat snug so that they stay in place.

What size are knee pads?


Size Knee Circumference (inches) Knee Circumference (centimeters)
XS 10 – 12″ 25.4 – 30.5cm
S 12 – 14″ 30.5 – 35.5cm
M 14 – 16″ 35.5 – 40.6cm
L 15 – 17″ 38.1 – 43.1cm

How do you measure for protective pads?

Wrap a soft tape measure around the center of your knee. Measure around your outstretched leg, either at the middle of your knee (C), at the top (A) or at the bottom of your leg where the pad will rest (B).

How do you know if your knee pads are too tight?

But you also want to make sure that they’re not too tight to the point of cutting off circulation in the area. If you notice that the knee pads are pinching the skin behind your knee, then you’ve got a pair that are too tight for you to be wearing in a game.

How tight should knee pads be skating?

Skate pads need to be tightened snug but not to the point they are pinching or hurting in any way. When tightened you should not be able to move the pads up, down, left or right because if you can move them they will most likely move on you while you’re skating.

How tight should skate pads be?

How do you measure Heelbo?

For Sizing: Measure limb circumference.

  1. Small: Circumference of 8″ to max length of 16″
  2. Medium: Circumference of 8.5″ to max length of 17″
  3. Large: Circumference of 9.5 to max length of 19″
  4. X-Large: Circumference of 11.5 to max length of 23″

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