How do I join a community garden in NYC?

How do I join a community garden in NYC?

If you are interested in joining a GreenThumb community garden, we recommend visiting the garden during open hours or contacting the group. GreenThumb gardens have a sign posted with contact information for the group, and many garden groups maintain websites or social media accounts and can be reached online.

Can you grow a garden in NYC?

For those interested in starting a new community garden or farm, please keep in mind that there are already more than 550 community gardens and farms registered with NYC Parks GreenThumb across New York City.

How do you turn a vacant lot into a garden?

How to turn a vacant lot into a community garden

  1. Make sure the site is suitable.
  2. Get permission from the owner.
  3. Check zoning laws & water availability.
  4. Crowdsource & formalize your efforts.
  5. Brainstorm your garden.
  6. Protect your arrangement.
  7. Budget & fundraise.
  8. Prep & build the site.

How do I start a community garden?

How to Start a Community Garden

  1. Organize a meeting of interested people. Organize a group meeting and invite anyone you think might be interested.
  2. Form a planning committee.
  3. Identify your resources.
  4. Approach a sponsor.
  5. Choose a site.
  6. Prepare and develop the site.
  7. Plan for children.
  8. Organize the garden.

Which New York borough has the most community gardens?

NYC boroughs with the best access to community gardens

  • Manhattan: 62%
  • Bronx: 51%
  • Brooklyn: 45%
  • Staten Island: 42%
  • Queens: 3%

What are the benefits of community gardens?

Community gardens contribute to a healthy lifestyle by:

  • providing fresh, safe, affordable herbs, fruits and vegetables.
  • helping to relieve stress and increase sense of wellness.
  • getting people active, which improves overall physical health.
  • providing social opportunities that build a sense of community and belonging.

Who runs community gardens in NYC?

Land trusts
Land trusts NYRP currently owns and manages 52 community gardens throughout the city.

What should be included in a community garden?

Each is developed to meet the needs of the participants who come together on common ground to grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and ornamental plants. Community gardens can be found at such diverse locations as schools, parks, housing projects, places of worship, vacant lots, and private properties.

How do you run a successful community garden?


  1. Clean the site.
  2. Develop your design.
  3. Gather your resources–try to gather free materials.
  4. Organize volunteer work crews.
  5. Plan your work day.
  6. Decide on plot sizes, mark plots clearly with gardeners names.
  7. Include plans for a storage area for tools and other equipment, as well as a compost area.

How do community gardens make money?

A community garden thrives on its community members. Typically, they make money through ongoing memberships. These memberships can either be basic or provide ongoing gardening supplies. Additional revenue opportunities exist in gardening shops, seed shops, classes, and similar visitation experiences.

Who owns community gardens in NYC?

What city has the most community gardens?

In 2020, Portland, OR had the greatest density with four community gardens per 10,000 residents.

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