How do I hide index codes in Word?

How do I hide index codes in Word?

Hide the XE (Index Entries) in your source document by clicking the Paragraph symbol on the Standard toolbar to hide the index field codes and hidden text

How do I get rid of the unknown field code change in Word?

Removing Fields from Original Documents

  1. Open the Word document.
  2. Press CTRL+A on your keyboard to select all the text within the document.
  3. Right-click, then click Toggle Field Codes.
  4. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F9 on your keyboard. This will remove the field codes, replacing them with the text they contained.
  5. Save the document.

What is Alt F9?

When working on a merge document in Word, pressing Alt-F9 brings up the Windows search panel instead of toggling the field code. Ctrl-F9 also brings up the Window search instead of adding a blank field code

How do you display field codes?

To toggle all the field codes in the entire document at once, press Alt+F9, or select the entire document (Ctrl+A) before pressing Shift+F9. Field codes in the document appear just like they do in the Field dialog box (refer to Figure 16.2).

How do you automate a field in Word?

Inserting a field using the Field dialog box

  1. Navigate to the location in the Word document where you want to insert a field.
  2. Click the Insert tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Click Quick Parts.
  4. Select Field.
  5. In the list of Field names, select a field.
  6. Under Field properties, select any properties or options you want.

What are reveal codes in Word?

WordPerfect treats text and formatting codes the same, putting start and end codes around text as you format it. When you display the Reveal Codes window, you see the formatting code markers integrated with the text. You can select the code markers and even insert and delete them manually

What is a field code?

: a codebook for use in combat areas.

How do I insert automatic numbering in a table in Word?

One way is to use Word’s built-in numbering, in this manner:

  1. Insert your table as you normally would.
  2. Select the cells in the table that you want to have numbered.
  3. Display the Home tab of the ribbon.
  4. Click the Numbering tab, in the Paragraph group. Word adds numbering, automatically, to the selected cells.

How do I insert field codes in Word?

Inserting Fields

  1. Choose the Field option from the Insert menu, then choose the field name from the list of fields presented. When you click your mouse on OK, the field you requested is inserted in your document.
  2. Press Ctrl+F9. (This is the easiest method, regardless of your version of Word.)

How do I insert figure numbers in Word?

Place the mouse cursor to where you want to insert the figure number. Click on “Insert” -> “Reference” -> “Cross-reference”. In the dialog box, select “Figure” as “Reference type”, then select “Only label and number”, pick “Figure 1 …”, click “Insert”. Now, we have Figure inserted in the text.

How do I link figure captions in Word?

How to Cross-Reference Captions in Microsoft Word

  1. Put your cursor where you want the cross-reference to appear.
  2. From the References tab, in the Captions group, select Cross-reference .
  3. In the Cross-reference dialog box, select the reference type and other options.
  4. In the For which caption section, select the item you want to reference and select Insert .

How do I find field codes in Word?

Simply press ALT+F9 to show the field codes of all fields in the document. You can then use find and replace to find specific text of the field code just like regular text.

How do I format a table in Word 2010?

To apply a table style:

  1. Click anywhere on the table. The Design tab will appear on the Ribbon.
  2. Select the Design tab and locate the Table Styles.
  3. Click the More drop-down arrow to see all of the table styles.
  4. Hover the mouse over the various styles to see a live preview.
  5. Select the desired style.

Why do I always have to toggle field codes in Word?

This problem is due to “Field Codes” being somehow toggled on. If the problem is with a single document, toggle the field codes off or on by first selecting the entire document with (cntl+a) and then toggle the field codes off or on with (shift-F9)

How do you use field codes?

When entering a field manually, you press F9 to generate and display its results. To toggle between the field code and its resulting value, select the entire field and press Shift + F9. To toggle all the fields in your document, press Alt + F9

What does Field Code Changed mean in Word?

Most of the dynamic content in a Word document (such as links and many embedded. objects, Tocs, indexes, etc.) is maintained by field codes. When they’re. updated, you’ll get this notation when change tracking is active.

How do I format a merge field in Word?

To format a merge field:

  1. In the template document, while the merge field is selected, do the following to display the field code: Press Shift + F9 on Windows.
  2. Remove ” \* MERGEFORMAT ” from the field code.
  3. Enter the switch in the field code. For example:
  4. Update the field: Press F9 on Windows.

How do I toggle field codes in Word for Mac?

In Word for Mac, open Word → Preferences → View and uncheck the “Field codes instead of values” box in the “Show in Document” area. In LibreOffice, open Tools → Options → LibreOffice Writer → View, and uncheck the “Field codes” box in the “Display” area

How do I change the index in Word?

To update the index, click the index, and then press F9. Or click Update Index in the Index group on the References tab.

How do I create a list of figures with captions in Word?

First add captions to your figures, and then use the Insert Table of Figures command on the References tab. Word then searches the document for your captions and automatically adds a list of figures, sorted by page number.

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