How do I get Parkson vouchers?

How do I get Parkson vouchers?

Parkson Gift Voucher can be purchased from our Customer Service Counters at any Parkson stores.

Can I use Parkson voucher online?

How do I redeem Parkson Vouchers (Gift / Discount / Promotional) for my purchases in Parkson Online? Unfortunately, we do not allow any redemption of physical Parkson Vouchers (Gift / Discount / Promotional) for purchases in Parkson Online.

Can Isetan voucher be used online?

6.25) Can I spend E-Rebate Vouchers in the Isetan Privilege App at the online store? Ans: No. However, you may exchange your i-Points at the Isetan Online Store to Store Credits online which can be used when shopping on the Online Store only.

How do I check my Parkson card points?

You can check the accumulated purchase value in your account through the following channels: (1) You may contact with Customer Service of any store with your Parkson Card number. (2) You can visit our website to check your purchase value. 8.

How do you use Isetan E rebates?

Simply present the Membership via your App during your purchases* and start accumulating I-points. Every six months, your accumulated I-points will be converted to Isetan Rebate for your shopping pleasure. With the App, I-points can be converted anytime within the six month period.

How do you get Isetan platinum?

  1. Regular members who achieved 10,000 points or more within 12 months calendar year will be upgraded to Platinum Card Members for the following year with a 2-year expiry date.
  2. Shop and accumulate points from Isetan Kuala Lumpur and Isetan The Japan Store.
  3. Rebate Vouchers.
  4. Special Birthday Rewards.

How do I redeem my Parkson points?

You may redeem your accumulated purchase value at any Parkson store and claim your Quarterly Rewards. * REDEEM Parkson Discount Vouchers worth RM60 with every 3,000 accumulated purchase value. * REDEEM Parkson Discount Vouchers worth RM150 with every 5,000 accumulated purchase value.

What is Parkson card?

Parkson Card is an exclusive Parkson Privileges rewards programme that is distinguished by 3 tiers which enables a member to enjoy upfront discounts, exclusive privileges and benefits shopping in Parkson Malaysia Department Stores, other participating outlets, Foodpark Supermarket by Parkson, additional promotions …

What is Isetan VIP?

The Isetan Privilege Membership recognizes you as a privileged shopper at Isetan. Accumulate I-points to exchange for Isetan Rebate Vouchers or E-Rebates for your shopping pleasure.

Can Parkson voucher used in Parkson elite?

Parkson vouchers currently cannot be used on these two channels. We thank you for your kind patience & understanding. As always, please wear a mask, practice social distancing and good hygiene.

How do you become a Parkson member?

All individuals aged 18 years & above (based on actual birthdate) with a valid Malaysian address are eligible to apply for the Parkson Card. Each applicant is only entitled to apply for ONE (1) Card regardless of Primary or Supplementary. All Parkson Card membership is valid up till 31st December of each year.

How does Isetan make money?

Members earn one I-point for every $1.00 nett amount purchase* (excluding GST) at any Isetan Department Store and one I-point for every $3.00 nett amount purchase* (excluding GST) at Isetan Scotts Supermarket.

What are the denominations of the Parkson gift voucher denominations?

Shoppers will be given available Parkson Gift Voucher denominations (RM10 Parkson Gift Voucher and/or RM50 Parkson Gift Voucher) followed by cash based on the remaining balance in the Parkson Gift Card. For examples: Parkson Gift Card with less than RM10 will be given cash.

How long are my Parkson gift cards valid for?

All Parkson Gift Cards are valid for two (2) years from the date of purchase. From 1 January 2019 onwards, valid Parkson Gift Cards are eligible to exchange for Parkson Gift Vouchers at the Customer Service Counter in all Parkson stores nationwide until 31 May 2020.

Where can I buy the Parkson gift card in Malaysia?

The Parkson Gift Card is no longer available for sale in all Parkson stores in Malaysia starting 1st May 2018. All Parkson Gift Cards are valid for two (2) years from the date of purchase.

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