How do I get Cale helmet?

How do I get Cale helmet?

Gift from Cale the Cartographer if all of the flames on the map in the Majula Mansion have been lit, this is achieved once all bosses in the game have been defeated. If the player has killed Cale, then this armor piece can be purchased from Merchant Hag Melentia at any time for 5500 souls.

Where is Majula Dark Souls?

Majula is a Location in Dark Souls 2. It is a coastal town encountered early on in the game which serves as the player’s hub. It has paths to various new regions and some of the characters you meet tend to relocate to here.

How do you get the curious map achievement?

To earn this trophy, you need to speak to Cale the Cartographer in the Forest of the Fallen Giants and have him return to the mansion in Majula. You can reach him from the Cardinal Tower Bonfire. Go down the ladder and outside, across the tree trunk and traversing the rooftops with the archers on them.

How do I get Cale’s set?

Gift from Cale the Cartographer after lighting all the bonfires on the map in Majula’s Mansion. It can also be obtained once one meets him, and chooses to kill him, as his set can then be purchased from Merchant Hag Melentia in exchange for souls.

Where is felkin Dark Souls 2?

Huntsman’s Copse
Description. Felkin the Outcast is a sorcerer who has devoted himself to the Dark and the powers of Hexes. He can be found before the first bonfire in Huntsman’s Copse, and will train in, and sell to the player, Hexes if they have an Intelligence and Faith level of 8 or above.

How do I get to Majula in Dark Souls 2?

Climb out using the ladder and fight another enemy before heading into the mist. On your left you’ll need to fight another enemy, knock down another tree and get back on the main path. You are now ready to enter Majula, the main hub for Dark Souls II.

Where is Majula ds2?

Majula is the central town-hub in Dark Souls II. There are several NPCs here, as well as a bonfire on the edge of town near the cliff. Emerald Herald is near the bonfire, and is the character who allows you to level up.

How do you get the curious map in shovel Knight?

When inside the Hall of Champions, Shovel Knight must go to the secret room at the right of the building. When inside, he must Shovel Drop the rightmost place he can stand which will reveal a hidden tunnel. The tunnel leads into a dark room containing the Curious Map.

How do you get the benhart of Jugo’s equipment?

To get this achievement you must find Benhart of Jugo in three different locations (out of the five), exhaust his dialogue, then summon him for a corresponding boss fight. He must survive the encounter for it to count.

What is the best staff in ds2?

Staff of Wisdom is a weapon in Dark Souls 2….Hints and Tips:

  • Best sorcery staff in the game, especially when infused with Magic.
  • Cannot be used to cast hexes.
  • Casts from higher up than most staves, allowing many enemies to get under spells when close, but can be advantageous when casting over barriers.

Where do I get old Paledrake soul?

Can be obtained from the Duke’s Dear Freja in NG+ or higher. Alternatively, a bonfire ascetic can be used in NG to trigger NG+ difficulty in this area (Lower Brightstone Cove bonfire). This will respawn the boss and make her drop this soul.

Where can I find a cartographer in Dark Souls 2?

Cale the Cartographer is an NPC in Dark Souls 2. First found in a cave in the Forest of Fallen Giants (down the ladder at the second bonfire and through the hole with the tree root you have to run up).

Where can I find Cale the cartographer?

Cale the Cartographer Information. First found in a cave in the Forest of Fallen Giants (down the ladder at the second bonfire and through the hole with the tree root you have to run up). Talk to him and he will give you the key to the locked mansion near the pit in Majula.

Where do you find Cale in the forest of fallen giants?

Cale is first encountered in a mine-like area in the Forest of Fallen Giants. He will later relocate to the basement of the abandoned mansion in Majula after his dialogue is exhausted, The Last Giant is defeated, and the basement of the mansion has been cleared of enemies.

How do you get Cale’s helm in Dark Souls 2?

Should Cale be killed before receiving his set of armor, he will drop his helm. You can get his helm by exhausting his dialogue after all the flames are lit! The rest of the armor can then be purchased from the Merchant Hag Melentia in Majula. If provoked, he attacks the player with an Uchigatana.

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