How do I get a export permit for my dog in the Philippines?

How do I get a export permit for my dog in the Philippines?

To obtain an import permit from the Philippines’ Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI): a) Go to and fill out the form. b) Applicant will be asked for a Username (email) and Password, which will be used to check the status of the application.

What is the role of Bai?

The BAI was created on January 1, 1930 pursuant to Act 3639 to investigate, study and report the cause of dangerous communicable diseases and the means of prevention, and in general, promote the development of the livestock industries.

How can I bring my dog from USA to Philippines?

Entry Requirements

  1. Get an import permit from the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI).
  2. Secure a health certificate for each pet from a duly licensed veterinarian or from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  3. Submit the health certificate/s for authentication to the Philippine Embassy/Consulate.

How can I import my dog from China to Philippines?

Animals departing China must be rabies vaccinated at an officially designated animal rabies vaccination hospital in the PRC and must have the official “PRC (Beijing) Animal Health and Immunity Certificate” (e.g., vaccination red book) with the stamp/chop of the issuing hospital.

How much is a pet passport in Philippines?

Process the payment. A pet passport costs ₱499, plus shipping (at least ₱200). There are many convenient options: bank transfer, PayPal, over-the-counter deposits — you name it, they would most likely have it!

Are dogs allowed in 2go travel?

Pets and other animals (except for endangered species) are allowed on the vessel provided that they are properly caged and with quarantine certificates from the Bureau of Animal Industry and a bill of lading.

What department are responsible for animals in the Philippines?

The Bureau of Animal Industry
The Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), the Philippine government agency tasked to promote and supervise the welfare of animals, will celebrate Animal Welfare Week with an opening March (Rally) today, September 29, 2013 at the Quezon City Circle at 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

What is Bai in agriculture?

Arthur signed the Animal Industry Act (23 STAT 31) on May 29, 1884 creating the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI), an organization that was established under the United States Department of Agriculture.

How much does it cost to fly a dog to the Philippines?

The fee will be calculated based on the total weight of the pet and container: Domestic flights: Up to 20 kg – PHP 1,000 per 5 kg (e.g., 11 kg – PHP 3,000). 15.1 kg up to 50 kg – PHP 2,000 per 10 kg (e.g., 37 kg – PHP 8,000).

Are pets allowed in AirAsia?

AirAsia does not accept pets and animals on board. This also includes guide/assistance dogs.

Are pets allowed in buses Philippines?

2020-003 titled “Supplemental Guidelines Allowing Pet Animals inside PUVs under MC 2019-019” stated that pet animals such as cats and dogs are now allowed “to be loaded/transported on public utility vehicles” effective February 10. These PUVs includes buses, jeeps, UV Express Service, and P2P buses.

Are dogs allowed in ferry Philippines?

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