How do I fix the loop on my watch band?

How do I fix the loop on my watch band?

The easiest solution is to cut off the parts of the loop that stick out with a very sharp knife and put a freely moving loop on in its place. If having two freely moving loops bothers you, you can glue one down with fabric or super glue. Just remember that the glue goes on the inside of the strap!

What is a silicone strap on a watch?

Silicone rubber watch band As a material silicone has good high and low-temperature resistance. Silicone straps not only feel comfortable on the skin but they also are in diverse colors for you to choose. The good thing about the silicone rubber watch band is that it is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Why do watch bands have two loops?

Two keeper loops like that make it a “zulu” strap. Pass the free end of the strap down between both loops, then back up between them. It secures the watch in place more firmly than a NATO.

How do you fix a silicone watch band?

Take a tissue wipe and very gently remove the excess glue and you would be good to go! If the tissue wipe does not work, then take some nail varnish remover and remove the excess glue through it. Another common and highly effective way to repair the damaged or broken silicone watch strap is to make use of the Velcro.

What can I use instead of a spring bar tool?

If you don’t have a spring bar tool available and you really need to change a tool you can use a very small knife or a small screwdriver.

How do you fix a silicone watch strap?

Which is better silicone or rubber strap?

The truth is silicone rubber offers good resistance to extreme temperatures. However, compared to organic rubbers, silicone rubber has a very low tensile strength. For this reason, care is needed in designing products to withstand even low imposed loads.

Why choose strapsco for Suunto bands?

StrapsCo offers high quality yet affordable replacement bands for Suunto 3, Suunto Spartan Sport, and many more. It can be difficult to look for Suunto bands for your specific watch size, not to mention one that won’t cost a fortune. However, StrapsCo provides cost-efficient Suunto straps that are long-lasting and comfortable on the wrist.

What’s new at Suunto?

NEW! WE NOW SHIP TO 40+ COUNTRIES OVER THE WORLD | SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER Give your watch a new look with a Suunto accessory strap. The collection features easy-to-change quick release straps for different activities in a wide range of designs and materials – from breathable silicone designs to elegant leather.

Do Suunto wristwatches wear out?

Suunto watches are the perfect companion for various individuals, whatever your sport may be. Suunto electronic sports wristwatches work best while hiking, mountaineering, training, golfing, sailing, and skiing. These hectic activities can wear out your Suunto watch’s strap. Over time, it loses its beauty and may even tear apart. Don’t worry!

What kind of watch strap should I Choose?

Silicone straps are perfect for sports and everyday wear, textile straps for outdoor exploration and leather straps turn your sports watch into an elegant timepiece. Straps with a quick release mechanism are easy to change without any tools. Sleek silicone strap with pin closure for active training. Two strap lengths.

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