How do I contact Condor airlines?

How do I contact Condor airlines?

You can also reach us at 1-866-960-7915* available 24 hours a day – please make sure to provide above mentioned information when prompted.

Did Condor airlines go out of business?

Condor Exits Bankruptcy Protection Clear Of Most Debts, Lufthansa Cancels Feeder Agreement. A rare piece of good news for the aviation industry is coming from Germany’s Condor as the airline has just completed the bankruptcy protection process being largely debt free (except for a government loan).

What happens if Condor cancels my flight?

Condor Flight Cancellation Compensation Generally speaking, when Condor cancels flights, they’ll attempt to rebook passengers straight away onto another flight at no additional charge. You can request further changes if the alternative flight doesn’t work for you, or if you no longer wish to travel that route.

How do I cancel my Condor ticket?

‘ option. Hit on the ‘Yes, Cancel’ button to cancel your Condor Airlines ticket reservation. Step #1: Dial Condor Airlines’ Reservations Department +49 6171 698 89 20 toll- free number.

Is Condor flying to Canada?

To mark Canada’s border opening, Germany’s most popular leisure airline will once again be taking travelers to Toronto in Ontario and Halifax in Nova Scotia from September 7, 2021.

How do I contact Lufthansa?

(800) 645-3880Lufthansa / Customer service

Does Lufthansa Own Condor?

From 2000 onwards, the Condor shares held by Lufthansa were gradually acquired by both Thomas Cook AG and Thomas Cook Group….Condor (airline)

Founded 21 December 1955 (as Deutsche Flugdienst GmbH)
Commenced operations 29 March 1956

Who owns Condor airlines now?

It is currently owned by Team Treuhand GmbH, a trusteeship established solely to manage the airline until a new long-term investor is found, through its wholly-owned subsidiary SG Luftfahrtgesellschaft. Between the collapse of its British parent and now, Condor has obtained two tranches of state aid.

Is Condor good airline?

Condor Airlines is Certified as a 4-Star Leisure Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes seats, amenities, food & beverages, IFE, cleanliness etc, and service rating is for both cabin staff and ground staff.

Does Condor fly out of Toronto?

We know that our Canadian customers love to travel and explore new destinations. With Condor and our partner airlines we take you to some of the most famous and popular places. Discover Europe and beyond and fly directly from our Canadian airports: Toronto (YYZ)

Where do Condor airlines fly from?


Country City Airport
Cyprus Paphos Paphos International Airport
Dominican Republic La Romana La Romana International Airport
Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperón International Airport
Punta Cana Punta Cana International Airport

How do I contact Condor customer service?

And services provided to the passengers are in a proper process so that no hustle or problem should be there with customers. Call via Condor customer service phone number 1-866-960-7915** (USA/CANADA) for free help. Please dial 711 if you are a hearing and speech impaired passenger.

What are the services provided by Condor airline?

The services provided by Condor Airline are online flight booking, best deals offer, baggage allowance, in-flight services, online check-in, and many more options for the passengers. And services provided to the passengers are in a proper process so that no hustle or problem should be there with customers.

How do I get information about my Condor ticket?

Individual information about your Condor tickets and booked fares are provided. Via our customer service phone. USA & Canada. 1-866-960-7915**. free of charge. ** For hearing and speech impaired customers please dial 711 or use the toll free number for the voice relay in your state.

What is Condor customer commitment?

At Condor Airlines, the customers who are the frequent flyer of this airline gets the commitment that customers will get good services by the crew members of the airline. The point that is to be kept in mind is that Condor customer commitment applies to the continuous Condor flight journey.

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