How do Dee and Mama view their heritage differently?

How do Dee and Mama view their heritage differently?

Mama and Dee have very different ideas about what “heritage” is, and for Mama, the family objects are infused with the presence of the people who made and used them. The family heirlooms are the true tokens of Dee’s identity and origins, but Dee knows little about the past.

What do the quilts mean to Maggie?

These quilts are familial heirlooms, and Maggie’s mother likes to use them as often as possible. They represent the family’s history and heritage to each character. Her mother and grandmother see the quilts as symbols of history and heritage, and they cherish this history very dearly.

How does the conversation between Dee and Mama about the quilts develop the theme?

Tradition, heritage, and ownership: Dee believes that her education gives her rightful ownership of the family quilts, but Mama bestows the quilts on Maggie, who retains a more authentic connection to the family’s cultural heritage.

What hit Mama in everyday use?

At this moment in “Everyday Use,” Mama had been “hit” with a deep understanding of the nature of her two daughters, and with the knowledge of who the rightful owner of the quilts was. She is struck, on the other hand, by Dee’s selfishness and lack of understanding of why the quilts have such significance.

What happened to Maggie in everyday use?

Severely burned in a house fire when she was a child, her scarred, ugly appearance hides her sympathetic, generous nature. She lives at home and is protected by Mama, remaining virtually untouched by the outside world.

Why are the quilts valuable to Maggie?

What makes the quilts valuable to Dee, and what makes them valuable to Maggie? Dee calls the quilts priceless, as she recognizes it as her heritage. for Maggie, the quilts are valuable for everyday use. she appreciates that they are the work of grandma Dee and big Dee, who taught her to quilt.

How does mama feel about Dee in everyday use?

She feels that it confines her too much. Despite her willingness to operate outside of conventions, Mama lacks a broad view of the world and is, to some extent, intimidated by Dee. She doesn’t understand Dee’s life, and this failure to understand leads her to distrust Dee.

How did Dee relate to her family before she left home?

Maggie has a little education, but according to her mother, “sheis not bright. Like good looks and money, quickness passed her by.” 2. How did Dee relate to her family before she left home? She wants to be educated and teach her sister and her mom what they do not understand.

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