How did the Cultural Revolution affect the education system in China?

How did the Cultural Revolution affect the education system in China?

The Cultural Revolution has to be one of the biggest disruptions to education in the modern world anywhere. More than 1 million schools and China’s 43 universities at the time were made to stop classes in 1966, soon after Nie’s poster. Schools reopened only in 1969, and colleges in 1970.

How does communism affect education?

When the Communists came to power in the Communist nations, they took up three educational tasks of major importance: (1) teaching many illiterate people to read and write, (2) training the personnel needed to carry on the work of political organization, agricultural and industrial production, and economic reform, and …

What did the Red Guards do?

After the 18 August rally, the Cultural Revolution Group directed the Red Guards to attack the ‘Four Olds’ of Chinese society (i.e., old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas). For the rest of the year, Red Guards marched across China in a campaign to eradicate the ‘Four Olds’.

What is Red China?

Red China may refer to: Communist-controlled China (1927–49), territories held during the Chinese Civil War. People’s Republic of China. China during the Cultural Revolution.

Who were the Red Guards in the Russian revolution?

Red Guards (Russian: Красная гвардия) were paramilitary volunteer formations consisting mainly of factory workers, peasants, cossacks and partially of soldiers and sailors for “protection of the soviet power”.

What are Red successors?

Teacher Gu announces in class that students have been chosen to be Red Successors. Basically, these are students who will help out the Red Guards to make sure the revolution is underway on campus. Ji-li is chosen.

How did the Red Guard help rid China of the 4 olds?

Red Guards broke into the homes of the wealthy and destroyed paintings, books, and furniture; all were items that they viewed as part of the Four Olds. Many families’ long-kept genealogy books were burned to ashes. The Chinese government stopped short of endorsing the physical destruction of products.

Why did Ji Li stay home from school?

Why did Ji-li stay home from school? She was “sick” over the posters.

What stops Ji Li from changing her name?

Ji Li is being excluded because she had a landlord for a grandpa.

How does Ji Li change over the course of her story?

As the story progressed, Ji Li developed alterations in her relationships with her peers at school, the perception of her goals and responsibilities in life, and knowledge of her family history in relation to her class-status in the community.

How old was Ji Li when the Cultural Revolution began?

Jiang was a star student until 1966, when Chairman Mao started the Cultural Revolution. When she was 13, her father a theater owner, was falsely accused of counter-revolutionary crimes and was detained and forced to do hard labor by the Chinese government.

What happens when Ji Li goes to work in the countryside?

But Ji-li, it’s not too late. If you go to the countryside to do your summer labor, the sweat of honest work will wash the black stain from your back and purify your mind so that you can follow Chairman Mao’s revolutionary line.

What did Ji Li audition for?

This time, Principal Long announces that Ji-li and three other students have been chosen to audition for the Liberation Army’s dance class. Boom. Ji-li is thrilled—she’s always wanted to be a performer, just like her mom. She must have passed the test.

Why is Ji Li’s house searched?

Someone at school accuses Ji-li’s family of having a poor class status, which she knows can’t be true. When she asks her dad about it, Ji-li finds out that her grandpa was a landlord, and a rich one, too. Red Guards come to search Ji-li’s house and take a bunch of her stuff away.

What genre is Red Scarf Girl?


What happens in Red Scarf Girl?

In her memoir, The Red Scarf Girl, Ji-li Jiang relates the story of her childhood in Communist China during the Cultural Revolution, a movement led by Chairman Mao to purge Chinese society of all capitalist influence. Ji-li lives a happy life, until her family suddenly becomes a target for government persecution.

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