How did Daniella Westbrook get famous?

How did Daniella Westbrook get famous?

Westbrook competed in the 2010 series of Dancing on Ice, with US Pairs Skater Matthew Gonzalez, and finished fourth in the competition. In 2013, she appeared in Hollyoaks as Trudy Ryan. In 2016, she took part in the seventeenth series of Celebrity Big Brother, where she reached the final and finished in fifth place.

How did Daniella Westbrook lost her nose?

After winning a part in EastEnders she became a regular on the London club scene and her drug use escalated, and by the age of 21 she was spending £400 a day on cocaine. In 2000 fans were shocked when pictures were published that showed Daniella’s eroded nasal septum due to excessive drug use.

What age is Daniella Westbrook?

48 years (November 5, 1973)Danniella Westbrook / Age

Is Daniella Westbrook married?

Kevin Jenkinsm. 2001–2014
Ben Morganm. 1998–1999
Danniella Westbrook/Spouse

How tall is Danniella Westbrook?

5′ 4″Danniella Westbrook / Height

Who is Danniella Westbrook married to?

What age is Danielle Westwood?

What does Jodie Jenkins do?

The 20-year-old young woman is the spitting image of her famous mum from her youth and is a mental health advocate in her own right. Jodie, who Daniella shares with ex-husband Kevin Jenkins, has already carved herself a successful career in social media.

How old is Danniella Westbrook now?

Danniella Westbrook (born 5 November 1973) is a former English actress and television personality. She is best known for playing Sam Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders on and off from 1990 until 2016.

Who are Dannii Westbrook’s children Kai and Jody Westbrook?

DANNIELLA Westbrook has revealed her regret at being a bad mum to her two kids during the height of her drug addiction. The former EastEnders star, 46, who has been clean since last February, said her reliance on cocaine made the lives of son Kai, 23, and daughter Jody, 18, “s**t”.

Who saved Danniella Westbrook’s life?

Retrieved 16 January 2019. ^ Edwards, Chris (4 May 2020). “Ex-EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook credits co-star Ross Kemp with saving her life”. Digital Spy. Hearst Magazines UK. Retrieved 5 May 2020.

How old is Sarah Westbrook now?

Born on 5 November 1973 in Walthamstow, the only daughter of Andy and Sue Westbrook, she knew that her life would be far from just ordinary. As a young child

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