How can I reduce Vodafone call charges?

How can I reduce Vodafone call charges?

You can activate the promotion by dialling *200*202#. The 50 dhs charge will be deducted from your balance and all your calls to India will only be 18Dhs per minute for 1 week. If you want to deactivate it any time, you can dial *250*9911#.

What zone is Philippines in Vodafone?

International Talk Zone 2 countries

Andorra Guadeloupe Philippines
Cayman Islands Luxembourg Sri Lanka
Macau Swaziland Malta
Costa Rica Cyprus Mozambique
Czech Republic Namibia Turkey

What is the call rate from India to Dubai?

LINE Out is available to users registered to LINE in the following countries: Asia : India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand….Call Credit.

Type Per minute rate (Call Credit) Total minutes for $10
Landline ₹10.98(18 Call Credits) 56 minutes
Mobile ₹10.98(18 Call Credits) 56 minutes

How much does vi charge for international calls?

Incoming Calls: Rs 30/min to Rs 315/min. Outgoing Calls: Rs 21/min to Rs 399/min.

How can I buy Vodafone minutes?

Ways to Top-up Customers can subscribe to any of our calling plans using USSD short-code *900# on any Vodafone mobile number, select 3, 3, enter phone telephone number, then follow through the prompts.

How many Flex is 1GB?

147 Flex
Your usage will be deducted from your FLEX balance at the rate shown below:

1 Local Min 1 Flex
1 SMS local or international 1 Flex
1GB Data 147 Flex
1 min to Pakistan 4 Flex

What is the ISD call rates in Vodafone?

Rates as Bangladesh @ Rs 1.8/Min, China @ Rs 4/min, Nepal @ Rs 6.5/min, USA/CANADA @ Rs 1/min, MALAYSIA/SINGAPORE @ Rs 2.5/min, SAUDI ARABIA @ Rs 6.25/min,SRI LANKA @ Rs 6.5/min; UK @ Rs 1.5/min. Pack Validity for 28 Days. US/Canada ISD Super Hour. 60 minutes US & canada calling free.

Does Vodafone have international calls?

Vodafone Call Abroad packages are available to customers on any Pay monthly price plan. The minutes included in the package can be used to call any country except the UK (including Isle of Man and the Channel Islands).

How can I call UAE Free from India?

To call United Arab Emirates from India, dial: 00 – 971 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 971 – 9 Digit Mobile Number.

What is call charge in Vodafone?

Vodafone Idea has also announced new plans for prepaid product and services with two days, 28 days, 84 days and 365-day validity. Telecom operator Vodafone Idea December 1 said it will charge 6 paise per minute for every outgoing call made by customers to the network of other operators.

Does Vodafone have unlimited calls?

Vodafone’s Rs 449 recharge pack offers its users 4GB data on a daily basis for a period of 56 days. Under this plan, users get unlimited calling facility, 100 daily SMS, and a complimentary subscription to Vodafone Play and Zee5 app. Vodafone’s Rs 499 recharge pack offers its subscribers 70 days validity.

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