How can I get PUC certificate in Chennai?

How can I get PUC certificate in Chennai?

To obtain PUC certificate online:

  1. Visit the parivahan website by clicking the following link: Parivahan website.
  2. Enter your vehicle registration number and last 5 digits of your vehicle chassis number in the appropriate textbox.
  3. If your vehicle’s PUCC is active, you will be directed to a new page.

Is PUC required in Tamilnadu?

According to Central Motor Vehicles Act 1989, PUC certificate is mandatory for every vehicle.

How can I get pollution certificate in Tamilnadu?

The following documents and information are required :

  1. Authorized Person Pan card.
  2. Authorized Person Aadhar card.
  3. Pan card of the unit in case of Partnership/Company.
  4. Authorization letter (except Proprietorship)
  5. CA Letter for total project cost.
  6. Site Plan /Naksha.
  7. FSSAI Certificate for food businesses.
  8. Proof of Ownership.

How can I get my old PUC certificate?

How to check status of pollution under control certificate or PUC online?

  1. Step 1: Visit
  2. Step 2: Click on the PUC Certificate section.
  3. Step 3: Mention your registration number and the last 5 characters of the vehicle’s chassis number, and fill in the captcha code.

How can I open pollution Center in Tamilnadu?

PUC Center has to display its license number for the customers. A PUC Center can be opened by an individual, firm, society or trust. One who has engineering in automobile engineering, motor mechanics, auto mechanics, scooter mechanics or ITI degree can only open a PUC Center.

Is pollution certificate required in Chennai?

Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Rules mandate every vehicle to obtain a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) one year after registration. The PUCC is valid for six months and owners are expected to renew it by with emission tests at recognised centres.

What is the fine for driving without a license in Tamilnadu?

₹5,000 ₹
Revised Traffic Fines in Chennai

Traffic Violations Revised Fines as per MV Act. Old Traffic Fines
Driving/riding without licence ₹5,000 ₹500
Driving vehicles after cancellation of Drivers License ₹5000 ₹500
Driving an oversized vehicle ₹5000
Riding without a helmet ₹1,000 and ban of riding licence for 3 months. ₹100

How can I get my PUC registration number?

Appeared candidates will have to send a text message from their mobile phones to get their results. SMS Format : Type KAR12Registration Number and send it to 56263.

What is emission certificate?

A Pollution Under Control Certificate is an approval that emission from your vehicle is under control and as per the pollution norms.It is an official document issued by the government after the thorough verification of the vehicle’s emission levels.

Is PUC and 12th same?

PUC – Pre-University Course is an intermediate course conducted by the state education board in India. It is a substitute for 11th and 12th standards under national-level boards. Every state has a different syllabus and exam pattern.

How to get a PUC certificate for your vehicle?

With the information provided by the, people can get the PUC Certificate for their vehicle in an easy way. PUC Certificate for all vehicle is mandatory and PUC Certificate Charges, PUC Certificate Validity, PUC Certificate Format as well as other details can be collected through the contact number provided by our website.

What is the validity of a PUC certificate?

The PUC certificate must be obtained when a new vehicle is purchased. The validity of this will be 1 year. And on the expiry, you will have to take the vehicle for the test. A new certificate will be issued to you which will be valid for 6 months. The PUC certificate must be obtained when a new vehicle is purchased.

What is pollution under control (PUC) certificate?

All the motor vehicles plying on the Indian roads are required to have a valid Pollution Under Control Certificate. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, the PUC certificate is made mandatory to carry while driving.

How to find vehicle pollution check centres in Chennai? shows all Pollution Check Centres for all cities in India. Click the link to view the desired Vehicle Pollution Check Centre in Chennai. People can find the address, email id and contact details for all Pollution Testing Centres in Chennai.

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