Helping Guide With Your Personal State Essay

Writing a personal statement is a tiring and exhausting process. You have to collect all the facts, relevant experience, professional skills, combine them, cross out unnecessary and underline the most valuable things.

Personal statement leads you to a next educational level and you are to do everything in power. Most students are wondering where they could get some help with such important and difficult work.

School or college

The simplest way to get help is to ask your school teachers for it. They all are graduates and surely went through similar trials. Some young professors used to be in your place not long ago, so they can give a piece of good and appropriate advice.

Moreover, most schools are well equipped with a variety of specialized books on this topic. Check them out before writing and then give your drafts for a proofreading to your tutor.


If you have chosen the exact university, it would be a great idea to surf their website in order to find recommendations and requirements, as every university has its own peculiarities. Usually, on the website, you can find information about:

  • The volume of the essay;
  • Essay format (font, size, margins and file format). Some universities are very strict about such demands and do not even accept works which were made wrong;
  • Your course description (it may help in finding the most relevant and suitable experience of your life);

What is more, universities tend to set up so-called open days for enrollees. Such events give an opportunity for prospective students to meet the administration and ask questions you could not answer after visiting a website.

Surfing the net

Did you know that you are not alone with such problem as writing a personal statement? There are thousands of enrollees, who have the same worries and stress. No surprise that some enthusiasts decided to sum up all the information and produced short, but informative videos. Make sure you have checked them all, as usually different hacks and tips from former applicants are available there.

Do not hesitate to watch these videos. Critics can assure you, that some content on YouTube is worth seeing.

Specialized web articles such as are also in free access. They were made with the same aim – to help prospective students with their essays.


The Internet is full of offers for your essays and not long ago e-courses appeared. On the course, you will be able to consult an expert and get all the necessary information about:

  • What to include in your personal statement;
  • How to recognize what is necessary for your essay and what can be crossed out;
  • How to structure your ideas into harmonious coherent text;
  • Samples of successful essays.

Frankly speaking, buying the course you are getting a personal tutor, who consults you about any questions considered the entering university process.

Personal statement writing services

Very questionable, but quite popular service. However, experts do not advise allow anybody to write your essay. Your essay should be written by you only. No one on the earth is able to demonstrate your vision of the world, while it is very important in such type of works. A professional writer is able to write your essay grammatically and structurally right, but the impact, which you are supposed to put in your work, will be lost.

There is a good recommendation to avoid using such services, but pay attention to proofreading. Feedback services also exist and it is much better to imply your time and money into this kind of help.

What to choose?

It is a very personal decision and everyone should make this choice by himself or herself. Every method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The best recommendation is to combine and take all the best from each approach. Overall, you will grab as much profitable information as possible and will transfer it into the best essay in the world.

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