Does the Pope like video games?

Does the Pope like video games?

“The Pope likes deep single player games with cool anime characters. He’s not a social guy. He tried really hard to get into Among Us last fall, but people wouldn’t listen to him when he said someone was being sus. It’s hard for him.”

Did the Pope ever play Undertale?

In 2016, YouTube gamer MatPat famously gave the Pope a Steam code for Undertale as he thought the game represented the same themes of forgiveness and compassion that the Pope alluded to in a speech he made earlier in the year.

What did the Pope do with Undertale?

Yesterday, during a weekly general audience, the speakers in the Vatican blasted Undertale’s “Megalovania” as circus performers juggled and unicycled in front of His Holiness. There’s video proof too, in case you, like me, couldn’t believe this actually happened.

Why did MatPat meet the Pope?

MatPat, a video gaming YouTube personality, was invited to the Vatican as part of a world summit on the Internet and how it brings people together. Informed that he should present Pope Francis with a gift, MatPat chose Undertale, the indie role-playing hit by Toby Fox that launched last year.

Is Hard Drive net satire?

The Hard Times also publishes Hard Drive, a satirical video game vertical, hosts stand-up comedy shows at music festivals, and produces podcasts. As of 2021, the Hard Times podcast network included: The Hard Times Podcast, hosted by co-founders Bill Conway and Matt Saincome.

Does Pope Francis like Megalovania?

Thanks to a flamboyant circus troupe, we can now say with complete certainty that Pope Francis himself has listened to “Megalovania,” the iconic track from Toby Fox’s hit game, Undertale.

Can the Pope have a pet?

While the pope is not known to keep a personal pet, he has been photographed in the past interacting with animals including a lamb, dogs and a tiger.

Did the Pope get a copy of Undertale?

In 2016, gaming personality and YouTuber MatPat gave a copy of Undertale to the pope as a gift.

Does the Pope own a copy of Undertale?

As part of a world summit on the Internet at the Vatican (real thing), popular YouTuber MatPat was invited, and was given the opportunity to “present a gift to the Pope.” In the video below he explains why he ended up choosing Undertale, which was given to Pope Francis in the form of a digital Steam code.

What is Gacha?

A gacha game (ガチャ ゲーム, gacha geimu) is a video game that implements the gacha (toy vending machine) mechanic. Similar to loot boxes, gacha games induce players to spend in-game currency to receive a random virtual item.

What does Arpg stand for?

An action role-playing game (often abbreviated action RPG or ARPG) is a subgenre of video games that combines core elements from both the action game and role-playing genre.

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