Does Suunto Ambit 2 have Bluetooth?

Does Suunto Ambit 2 have Bluetooth?

You won’t miss anything about the Ambit2: the Ambit3 Peak has the same user-interface and core feature set, but is equipped with bluetooth and a longer-lasting battery.

What is Suunto Ambit?

THE GPS FOR EXPLORERS GPS navigation, speed, heart rate, altitude, weather conditions – it’s all at your fingertips. Upgrade with thousands of Suunto Apps to inspire your next adventure. Suunto Ambit — conquer new territory with the first GPS for Explorers.

How do I sync my Suunto Ambit 2?

How do I sync exercises from my Ambit (1,2) to the Suunto app?

  1. Download the Suunto app for iOS or Android and create a new account (if you do not have one already).
  2. Install or update SuuntoLink to the latest software version.
  3. Connect your watch to your computer using the supplied USB cable.

Is Suunto Ambit 2 waterproof?

Suunto Ambit2 is water resistant to 100 meters/330 feet/10 bars.

Does Suunto work with iOS?

Suunto mobile app works with mobile devices running iOS 11.0 or later. Supported features may vary across watches, phones, and countries.

Where is Suunto based?

Suunto Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures and markets sports watches, dive computers, compasses and precision instruments. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Suunto employs more than 300 people worldwide, and its products are sold in over 100 countries.

How do I connect my Suunto to my computer?


  1. DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SUUNTOLINK. Download the software from the links. Install the software to your computer by double-clicking the download file.
  2. CONNECT YOUR WATCH TO SUUNTOLINK. Connect your Suunto watch to your computer with the provided USB cable. SuuntoLink opens automatically when the watch is detected.

How do I connect Suunto to strava?

Connecting your Accounts

  1. Navigate to your Suunto app’s settings. On Android, select Settings > Account > Connect to other services.
  2. Connect to Strava.
  3. Accept that the Suunto app can connect to your Strava account.
  4. After your next workout is synced with the Suunto app it will be automatically transferred to Strava.

Which is better Suunto or Garmin?

Compare the top two GPS sports watches on the accuracy, quality, usability, and software. Learn why the Garmin Fenix 6 is the clear winner over the Suunto 9.

How to use Suunto Ambit2 S app?

With the Suunto app, you can further enrich your Suunto Ambit2 S experience by analyzing and sharing your trainings, connecting to partners and much more. To pair your watch with Suunto app: 1. Download and install Suunto app on your compatible mobile device from the App Store, Google Play in addition to several popular app stores in China. 2.

How to teach swimming styles in Suunto Ambit2 S?

After teaching the swimming styles, Suunto Ambit2 S detects them automatically when you start swimming. To teach swimming styles: 1. While you are in the Pool swimmingsport mode, keep [Next] pressed to enter the options menu.

How to record an outdoor swimming log using Suunto Ambit2 S?

When using the openwater swimming mode, Suunto Ambit2 S measures your swimming speed using GPS and shows you real-time data during the swim. To record an outdoor swimming log: 1. Press [Start Stop] to enter the start menu. 2. Press [Next] to enter EXERCISE.

How do I navigate the route forward in Ambit2 S?

Press Start Stop to select Forwards or Light Lock to select Backwards. If you selected the first waypoint as the starting point, Suunto Ambit2 S navigates the route forward (from the first to the last waypoint).

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