Does Grand Cayman have good snorkeling?

Does Grand Cayman have good snorkeling?

The Grand Cayman is one of the best places to snorkel in the Caribbean with perfect conditions for water activities year-round. Thanks to the characteristic of the coastline that features small coves and shallow water coral reefs, one can find excellent shore snorkeling all around the island.

How deep is the wall in Grand Cayman?

The famous Cayman wall runs around the island and drops to 3,000 ft. in places. It boasts 4 walls: east, north, west and south, and at any time (weather permitting) there is always one wall to dive. The walls start from 45 to 70 feet in most places and are generally a short one minute swim from the moorings.

How many dive sites are in Grand Cayman?

240 dive sites
There are 240 dive sites around Grand Cayman Island. Another 65 dive sites are located around Cayman Brac and Little Cayman is not far behind with 60 dive sites.

Is there good diving in the Cayman Islands?

Devilishly deep drop-offs, wicked wreck dives and some of the coolest coral in the Caribbean have made the Cayman Islands a world-class dive destination. Grand Cayman’s North Wall plunges deeper than 1800 metres/6000 feet and offers beautiful wall diving with opportunities to see spotted eagle rays and sea turtles.

Which Caribbean island has best snorkeling?

Best snorkeling spots in the Caribbean

  • Jamaica. A small island offshore from Negril, Booby Cay is also one of the best spots for snorkel newbies who might not be up to venturing into deeper waters.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Curacao.
  • Anguilla.
  • Bonaire.
  • The Bahamas.
  • Cayman Islands.
  • Antigua.

Can you snorkel from shore in Grand Cayman?

There are many great snorkel spots in Grand Cayman that you can reach from shore. However, the best snorkeling is at the barrier reef near Stingray City, which can only be reached with a boat. You can check out our article where we discuss the 15 best Stingray City tours.

How deep is the ocean off the Cayman Islands?

25,216 feet
The relatively narrow trough trends east-northeast to west-southwest and has a maximum depth of 25,216 feet (7,686 m), the deepest point in the Caribbean Sea.

Who lives on Little Cayman Island?

The majority of the population are expatriate workers from Jamaica, the Philippines, and Honduras and from other Latin American countries as well as Canada, the USA, India, Australia, Scotland, England, and South Africa. There are a handful of local Caymanians estimated as fewer than 20.

Where can you scuba dive in the Cayman Islands?

Top Grand Cayman scuba diving excursions

  • Stingray City. Stingray City is one of Grand Cayman’s legendary scuba diving sites, having been ‘discovered’ as a tourist attraction in the 1950s.
  • Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock.
  • USS Kittiwake.
  • Bloody Bay Marine Park.
  • Jackson’s Bight.
  • Kissimmee Wreck.
  • Captain Keith Tibbetts.

When can you dive in Grand Cayman?

When to dive the Cayman Islands? April and May are a good time to go. The weather is warm throughout the year but June to November is the hurricane season and the seas may be rougher during that time. The islands are busiest during winter.

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