Does Cape Union Mart accept RCS Cards?

Does Cape Union Mart accept RCS Cards?

The Cape Union Mart Store Card is a credit facility that allows you to shop at all Cape Union Mart, Old Khaki, Poetry, Keedo or Tread + Miller stores nationwide. It also allows you access to South Africa’s largest independent shopping network of over 26,000 stores – just look out for the RCS logo.

Can I use my Edgars card at Cape Union Mart?

By adding Edcon you will be able to accept all Jet, Edgars, CNA, Red Square, Boardmans and Legit cards. By Adding RCS you will be able to accept all V.I.P, Coricraft, Xpress Credit, Spitz, Kurt Geiger, Galaxy & Co, Cape Union Mart, Poetry, Old Khaki, Verimark, CTM, NWJ, Sunglass Hut and Comtempo cards.

Who owns Cape Union Mart?

In 1970, Philip J. Krawitz – Current Executive Chairman of the Board – followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. Under his leadership, the Cape Union Mart Group today is the custodian of multiple brands and chains, with more than three-hundred stores across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Does Cape Union Mart do layby?

Yes, you are able to lay-by items on promotion. Requirements are that you present your ID book, pay a 25% deposit and make a payment over 3 months.

Where can I pay my RCS card?

You can pay your RCS Store Card in any of the following ways:

  • Via the RCS App.
  • EFT Payment.
  • For Direct Deposits at your bank or ATM use the below:
  • In-store Payments including Game Stores.
  • Debit Order (Call 0861 729 727 to set it up)

Where can I buy with my Edgars RCS card?

Great news, you can now use your Edgars account card at all Legit and Beaver Canoe stores, as well as all Edgars stores. Please note however you cannot pay your account at Legit or Beaver Canoe. Kindly remember that the Edgars account business was purchased by RCS, and is now being run by them.

Is Edgars part of RCS?

As a result of the business rescue process, RCS acquired some additional Edgars and Jet store card accounts and all the customers.

Is K-Way a South African brand?

K-Way is one of South Africa’s most ubiquitous brands. Every month, Cape Union Mart’s local factory produces 40,000 garments under that name. The brand is named after the Cape Union Mart founder – the late Philip Krawitz, known as “Mr K”.

Who owns Old Khaki?

Cape Union Mart Group
The K-Way outdoor and technical clothing brand is a division of Cape Union Mart Group, one of the largest family-owned retail chains in South Africa. K-Way brand clothing is exclusively sold in the group’s 70 stores. Its other, smaller, retail chains are Old Khaki and Poetry.

Is Kway a South African brand?

Where is K-way from?

The brand K-WAY was born in Paris, in 1965, when, during a rainy winter day, the first sample is made of windproof and waterproof jacket. Since then K-way has always maintained its own identifiable and unsurpassed products, among which the famous waterproof and breathable jackets.

Can I withdraw cash from my RCS card?

You may access cash from your credit facility by making use of the cash advance option that may be available on your card, subject to the following qualification criteria: 5.7. 1 Your account with us must not be in arrears and must be older than 3 months; 5.7.

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