Do you put quotation marks around letter grades?

Do you put quotation marks around letter grades?

Exception: No quotation marks are used for academic letter grades.

How do you write all A’s?

Write whichever looks better to you. Now the plural of an A is A’s or As, but the plural of an “A” would only be “A”s. Some people don’t like the plural A’s because of the so-called greengrocer’s apostrophe (they claim to sell apple’s), but with letters and the like, the A’s is traditional and quite correct….

How do you write a plural?

Plural Noun Rules

  1. To make regular nouns plural, add ‑s to the end.
  2. If the singular noun ends in ‑s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, or -z, add ‑es to the end to make it plural.
  3. In some cases, singular nouns ending in -s or -z, require that you double the -s or -z prior to adding the -es for pluralization.

Does straight As include a?

Originally Answered: If you have an A- on your grades and the others are all A’s, are you still a straight A student? Yes, you are. It’s still an A-grade, but I don’t think anyone but the harshest judge will hold it against you.

Are good grades a sign of intelligence?

Good grades are suggestive of greater than average intelligence. The types of assessment (tests and writing assignments) have a significant impact on grades. So, someone with a very good memory, but not superior cognitive functioning as measured by intelligence tests, could get good grades but be just average.

Is a an singular or plural?

“A” or “an” are always singular. “The” is singular or plural. Some plural nouns don’t use an article. When using articles, it’s important to also know the difference between count and noncount nouns.

Can I use a in plural?

A and an can only be used with singular nouns. You shouldn’t use them with plural nouns. If you are using a plural noun, you will either need to change the article to ‘the’ or specify the number of items: I bought the magazines.

What is the plural of the letter A?

Lowercase letters and the capital letters A, I, M, and U Note: We use an apostrophe to make A, I, M, and U plural because without the apostrophe it would form a different word (A’s–As, I’s–Is, M’s–Ms, and U’s–Us).

How do you use letter grades in a sentence?

Use the apostrophe in the plurals of small letters; for capital letters used as words for letter grades, just add s to form the plural. Exception: To avoid confusion with the word as, use the apostrophe to designate plural of the letter grade A. Tennessee’s final two e’s make rhyming easy for country music lyricists.

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