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Do you need a comma between two dependent clauses?

When a complex sentence contains a dependent clause like this one, a comma is not used unless the dependent clause comes before the independent clause. If the positions of the clauses were reversed, with the independent clause first, there would be no comma in the sentence.

Are comma splices acceptable?

Comma splices are also acceptable in fiction. In dialogue and first-person narration, for example, a character might be excited or upset and thus speak in a rush. The minimal pause conveyed by a comma can clarify sentence structure while conveying the character’s state of mind.

How do you fix a comma splice example?

Five Ways to Fix a Run-on or Comma Splice

  1. Add a period and a capital letter. Add a period and a capital letter to separate the sentences.
  2. Add a comma and a coordinating conjunction. Add a comma and a coordinating conjunction.
  3. Add a semicolon.
  4. Add a “transitional word”
  5. Add a subordinating conjunction.

Do you use a comma when comparing two things with than?

Rule 6: Using a comma with a comparison. Never use a comma before the word ‘than’ if you are comparing something. Wrong: This cat weighs more, than that cat.

Can you use a comma to separate two complete sentences?

Use a comma to set off an introduction to the main part of the sentence. [Complete sentence],[coordinating conjunction] [complete sentence]. Use a comma between two complete sentences joined with a coordinating conjunction. There are 7 coordinating conjunctions: and, but, or, nor, yet, so, for.

How do you use commas in a question?

How should I style a direct question contained in a sentence?

  1. If a direct question contained in a sentence is long or has internal punctuation, set the question off with a comma and begin it with a capital letter:
  2. A single question contained in a sentence can also be preceded by a colon as long as the word before the question is not a verb.

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