Do downlights need to be IP rated?

Do downlights need to be IP rated?

There is no regulation requirement for kitchen downlights to be IP rated.

Do all downlights need a transformer?

Do all LED downlights need a separate driver? Bulbs intended for use in wet zones (such as downlights in a bathroom) must be IP rated for such use. This means that each sealed bulb will contain a driver, with no external transformer required.

Can I put downlights on a plug?

The simple answer is – yes. There is no extra wiring involved or nothing different with what would be for a normal downlight. So you can take an old downlight out and put the new one in place e.g the Sengled Element, without any extra wiring.

Can you daisy chain downlights?

Yes, although you can piggy back off each downlight so you shouldn’t need the wagos at each light, just where you new cables connect to existing. If you can get above, just use a junction box. Obviously make sure your new downlight are suitable for bathroom use.

Are IP65 downlights fire rated?

All Integral LED Fire Rated downlights are rated IP65. This means that they are dust tight and waterproof, suitable for bathrooms (zones 1 and 2), kitchens, and other rooms where splashing and vapour would make lower-rated downlights not only unsuitable, but potentially dangerous.

Is IP65 better than IP44?

IP44 rated light fittings are good for wall ligthing (especially if they are covered by a roof extention or something), but it is best for a light fitting to be IP65 rated, that is, to be waterproof and sealed for any dust and water particles.

Do LED lights require a transformer?

All LED bulbs require a ‘driver’ (a special type of transformer) to work properly. Mains voltage LED light bulbs (such as GU10 and B22 bulbs) have the driver built in to the bulb.

Do you need a different transformer for LED lights?

They will have a transformer either in the ceiling or light fitting. Some LED bulbs, like the Philips Master LED range, have in-built circuitry that can deal with most (but not all) transformers, so you don’t have to change them. In other cases, you need to replace the transformer with an LED driver.

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